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Aluminium Or Plastic Windows – A Decision Assistant

aluminum and plastic windows

When choosing windows, plastic windows are still the first choice. But aluminum windows are also well worth considering. This article will tell you which windows are advantageous in which situations, and what are good alternatives to aluminum and plastic windows.

Advantages of aluminum windows

Advantages of aluminum windows


Aluminium windows are of high quality and have a particularly long service life. Experts estimate that aluminum windows can last up to 60 years. In comparison, plastic windows have a lifespan of only 40 years.

However, the service life will always depend on the quality of the window and the conditions in the location, which is not certain.


Aluminium windows are more resistant to external loads than other types of windows. Aluminum doesn’t weather or become unsightly, it’s just a little more complicated to care for.

Optical advantages

Aluminium windows look high quality and elegant. They are more precise in their manufacture than plastic windows. This allows you to have more options in the design of your windows.

In addition, due to the material properties of aluminum, a narrower frame is possible, which can maximize the overall window area. The light output of the same window size is higher than that of ordinary plastic windows.

narrower frame aluminum windows

Price differences

This is the disadvantage of aluminum windows, significantly higher than plastic windows.

Often longer service life does not have the effect of reducing costs. During the life of a building, windows always need to be replaced – whether they were originally installed with aluminum or plastic windows.

And custom aluminum windows are still significantly more expensive than standard-sized windows. However, this also applies to custom plastic windows.


Short overview of advantages and disadvantages:

– Plastic windows offer an excellent price/performance ratio

– With the same window size, plastic windows are much cheaper

– Aluminium windows appear to be of higher quality and are actually more durable than plastic windows

– Aluminum windows will not fade even after years of use

– Aluminum windows are more stable and safer

– Modern aluminum frames have two shells that are as insulated as plastic windows (this may not work with older aluminum windows)

– Certain decors are not particularly good look for plastic windows

Compared with plastic windows, aluminum windows are more expensive, more weather-resistant; they have better visual effects, higher stability, and a longer service life. The price difference is about 10-30%, depending on the manufacturer and window quality.

plastic aluminum windows

Plastic aluminum window

The two materials can also be combined. In this case, the plastic window is paired with an aluminum casing.

This prevents the exterior of the window from fading. The aluminum casing gives a higher quality look. The plastic parts inside are even steel-reinforced.

The combination of these two materials means that a high thermal insulation capacity of the frame can be achieved even with narrow frame designs. In terms of price, plastic-aluminum windows are usually between plastic windows and aluminum windows.

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