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The American country kitchen cabinets

American Country Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional American country kitchen cabinet exudes the rustic charm, reminiscent of a family gathering place in an ancient farmhouse. It is often colorful kitchen cabinet with corners, edges, and minor flaws that constitutes a relaxed atmosphere in the country kitchen. Instead of flawlessly designed furniture, sturdy, functional surfaces, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen appliances are used.

Traditional American country kitchen cabinet

Similar to other country style kitchen cabinets, natural materials are also used here. Wooden kitchen furniture and cabinets are as crucial as granite or natural stone worktops.

Characteristics of American country kitchen cabinets:

  • Cozy look to match the “farmhouse atmosphere”
  • The front is often painted 
  • Wood, bright colors, natural stone, eye-catching patterns, retro and vintage elements
  • Spacious planning with cooking island, counter, butcher block, and kitchen buffet
  • Large ceramic sinks, retro fittings
  • Nostalgic range cookers, large side-by-side refrigerators

Typical American style: colorful wooden front

colorful American country style kitchen cabinets

Typical American country style is stained or lacquered wooden fronts with coffers or panels. You often see expressive colors, such as blue, red, or green, with few pastel tones. The frame front is not conspicuous by striking framing but by bold colors.

Suitable for spacious American style: kitchen island, kitchen buffet

spacious American country kitchen cabinets

American kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space. A spacious cooking island and a comfortable seat, such as a counter, should not be missing here. American kitchen cabinets can also be combined with an individual component like an old kitchen buffet, a butcher block, and some accessories. This creates extra worktops and more storage space.

Typical utensils: nostalgic stove range cooker, side-by-side refrigerators, etc.

American country kitchen cabinets design

As can be seen from the generous plan, the inventory of American country kitchen cabinets is an important issue. Large side-by-side refrigerators are popular and provide sufficient space for food. Cooking areas are usually equipped with large gas stoves or “Range Cookers” with a retro appearance. Large ceramic sinks or washbasins are combined with eye-catching retro fittings to decorate the dish-washing area.

Design for the country look of American Kitchen cabinets

American country style kitchen cabinets with ceramic tiles

Stone, terracotta tiles, or floorboards are ideal for the floor design. Walls are covered with wooden boards or decorated with wallpaper or ceramic tiles with country patterns. Colorful shelves can store spices or small kitchen appliances. Old pots, pans, spoons, or shovels made of iron or copper can be tied to kitchen islands or distributed along the walls.

Buy American Country Kitchen cabinets

How much does an American-style country kitchen cabinet cost?

American country kitchen cabinets are characterized by comprehensive planning details, including natural materials such as wood or stone with a retro look, numerous decorative elements, equipment with a range cooker or side-by-side refrigerator, and a sink and faucet in a retro look. Many details drive up the cost of the American country house kitchen cabinet.

In addition, the American country kitchen is a style that requires a lot of space. For example, an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen is combined with a large cooking island with counters, seats, and kitchen buffets. Accordingly, large kitchen cabinets cost more.

Inexpensive country kitchen cabinets are also available as model kitchen cabinets. So please take a look at our model kitchen cabinet catalogYou might find an American country-style kitchen cabinet here.

Which manufacturers offer American country kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

The current country series from Parlun includes beautiful wooden fronts, stained blue or red, coffers or panels. These are ideal for designing an American country kitchen cabinet with professional help. If you want to buy a new kitchen cabinet, you can get advice from us. Handcrafted country kitchen cabinets in the American style, which you can get from carpenters or manufacturers specializing in solid wood, look authentic.

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