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The toilet is no longer what it used to be! If you are about to buy a toilet, you can choose from countless designs these days. Whether wall-hung toilet, stand-alone toilet, toilet combination, or rimless toilet – you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Palrun. Short toilets are particularly suitable for small bathrooms and guest toilets. In addition, the Palrun range also offers suitable models with raised toilets, especially for older and disabled people. A toilet without a flushing rim, on the other hand, impresses with its easy maintenance since deposits have no chance of settling. Discover the countless toilet variants on our toilet catalog.

The right toilet for every requirement

Before buying a toilet, you should consider both visual and functional aspects. In terms of design, you choose square, round or oval toilet shape. Above all, wall-hung toilets look much better than a floor-standing toilets with a cistern. However, the new toilet must match the rest of your bathroom furnishings and blend in perfectly. When it comes to a new toilet, choose a deep flush or a flat flush. A deep-flushing toilet has the advantage that unpleasant odors are minimized. Now, you don’t want to have a toilet seat that cannot drop automatically! Whether flush or unflush, deep or flat, floor-mounted or wall-mounted- Palrun Building offers the best modern, high-quality toilet options for every taste.

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