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23+ Black Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

23+ Black Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design ideas & tips

Table of Contents

Traditional Kitchen with Black Porcelain Subway Tile Backsplash and White Recessed-panel Cabinets

A classic look of black and white gives an unresistant charm to this kitchen. The back porcelain subway tile backsplash with white grouting appears sophisticated yet attractive with the help of white recessed-panel cabinets, forming a strong contrast to enhance the appeal of this space. A monochromatic transition runs from the backsplash to the black solid surface countertop and to the flooring, which makes this kitchen integral. And the three-dimensional patterns on the flooring and the natural veins of the deep brown island provide this kitchen with vibrant dynamic energy while the chrome hardware and faucet give a neutral and calming glamour to the cabinetry and respond to the metallic hood and appliances. Finally, the wood tops of the stools warm up the cold hues of black and white.

Two-tone Cabinetry with Glossy Black Subway Tile Backsplash and Engineered Quartz Countertop

This galley kitchen is composed of elements of wood, glass, stainless steel, and porcelain tile. The white shaker cabinets contrast strongly with the porcelain subway tile backsplash and the glass-fronted doors add crystal interest to the cabinets. On the right side of the kitchen, the wood one-wall cabinetry, along with the wood island in the middle, warms up the spaces with its hue and veins and swallows the modern stainless steel appliances organically, making a lively contrast with the white cabinets. Moreover, that contrast is mediated by the white-engineered quartz countertop. The skylights above the cabinets offer plenty of light to this space and lighten the thick and dark feeling of the wood cabinet. The light wood flooring brings brightness and freshness to this space.

about black subway tile backsplash

Not as popular as the white one, the black subway tile backsplash gains popularity among diverse styles of kitchens. Normally, a black subway tile backsplash can add a touch of sophistication and calmness to the kitchen and it is also more convenient to clean and maintain, which can reduce the toil of housework efficiently. The black subway tile backsplash with white grout is one of the most common combinations in kitchens and it offers a visual vibrancy to the kitchen while black subway tile backsplash with dark grout is also common and it works as a perfect dark backdrop for versatile cabinets. In addition, black subway tile backsplashes can be flat or bumpy. The flat backsplash can be an economic alternative for a marble or granite backsplash while the bumpy backsplash can add another layer of texture to the kitchen, both of which have their beauty.

Contemporary Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Black Backsplash

This contemporary kitchen receives a fresh treatment with light and understated shades. In the background, the black subway tile backsplash with white grouting  reaches the ceiling, setting off the white recessed-panel cabinets. The scrip white modernized cabinets keep things clean and streamlined, supported by small chrome hardware and stainless steel appliances embedded perfectly in the cabinetry.  The black engineered quartz countertop on the white island cooperates well with the black and white stools while the brown wood flooring provides warmth to this space, breaking the dullness of the white and black kitchen.

Kitchen with Flat-panel Cabinets and Subway Tile Backsplash

All-black Kitchen with Flat-panel Cabinets and Subway Tile Backsplash

This L-shaped contemporary kitchen looks phenomenal with its black interior design details and the medium hardwood flooring. The flat-panel cabinets produced a sophisticated and refined look with the black ceramic subway tile backsplash while the brass hardware lightens the darkness and gloom of the cabinets. The dim yellow spotlights cast a warm and soft glamour on the granite countertop that works perfectly with the black cabinets, harmonizing the atmosphere of the space. The wine rack on the wall looks unique and catchy and is a symbol of maximizing space utilization organically. Moreover, the diverse application of ceiling lamps strengthens the family vibe of the kitchen and responds to the hardwood flooring, brightening this kitchen.

Glossy black subway tile kitchen backsplash

Putting shiny or metallic paintwork on the surface of ceramic tiles is a good way to produce glossy tiles and the black backsplash with glossy subway tiles looks brighter and more polished, giving a more formal look with its luster. The glossy black subway tile backsplash bounces light all around the space, making the kitchen bigger and brighter. Therefore, a glossy black backsplash is an excellent option for smaller kitchens and for kitchens that receive less natural light. Moreover, the glossy surface of glossy tiles has an easy-to-clean nature, making it ideal for backsplash.

Modern Kitchen with Glossy Black Backsplash and Glossy White Flat Cabinets

The glossy surface and texture of this kitchen give a charming appearance. The flat laminate paneling of the cabinets feels smooth and gives a luxurious and modern feeling to the space and the glossy subway tile backsplash contrasts with the cabinets with its bumpy texture. Besides, the compact layout of the cabinets provides plenty of storage space while the windows inserted into the backsplash invite natural lights to the countertop, which lightens the workstation and saves energy. The turquoise-engineered quartz countertop does not conflict against the backsplash but harmonizes the contrast of the black and white.  

Glossy Black Subway Tile Backsplash with Laminate Countertop

The one-wall cabinets look streamlined and highly efficient. The white flat-panel cabinets pair well with the chrome hardware and cooperate with the stainless steel appliances to intensify the modern vibe of this kitchen. What beautifies the plain cabinetry is the glossy black subway tile backsplash that refracts lights to produce colorful hues. Furthermore, the laminate countertop on the cabinets is also smooth and glossy and shares a similar hue with the stainless steel hood and stove, which forms an integral look. The pendant lights over the island have a simple shape and cast a warm light on the island, bringing a balmy vibe to this kitchen.

matte black subway tile kitchen backsplash

Different from a glossy backsplash, a matte backsplash takes on a softer and more casual appearance. The matte black backsplash looks modest and elegant and forms a pleasant contrast with the glossy cabinet finishes. White grout could adorn the matte black subway tile backsplash with unique characters, which can not be achieved by the glossy backsplash. Lastly, you should keep in mind that the matte black backsplash hides oil and water stains easily and  is hard to clean the dirt off.

Contemporary Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Black Subway Tile Backsplash

Look how luxurious this kitchen is! The striking contrast between matte and gloss appears in the black flat paneling of the cabinetry, the black ceramic backsplash, the stainless steel hardware, and the stainless steel appliances, forming an eye-catching and harmonious picture. In front of the one-wall cabinetry stands a matte black island with a beige-engineered quartz countertop that is different from the black solid surface countertop on the cabinetry. And the black metallic stools pair well with the island, which holds an integral charm. To brighten the gloomy vibe formed by the matte black details, the designer chose boldly the bright wood shiplap for the ceiling and the flooring, creating a stunning contrast and warming up the atmosphere of the space completely.

Fashion Kitchen with Matte Black Subway Tile Backsplash and Light Wood Flooring

It is a modern and fashionable kitchen! The dark and light shades of color achieve a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in this spacious space. French doors parallel the matte black backsplash and the monochromatic transition runs from the backsplash to the cabinets, strengthening the integrity of the kitchen. The distressed surface of the metallic hood demonstrates the mottled surface of the moon and the unique wall lamps shine like stars, which add a cosmic image to the matte black backdrop created by the backsplash. The bell-shaped pendant lights cast tender lights on the island and bring warmth to this black-and-white space. Lastly, the wood flooring echoes the rattan stools to produce a soft and appealing vibe in the kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen with Forest Green Cabinets and Matte Black Backsplash

A modern atmosphere and a traditional vibe interact harmoniously in this kitchen. The forest green cabinets adorned with gold hardware flow with a serene and elegant traditional charm, which is supported by the simple yet delicate island with butcher block countertop and brass frames. Besides, the matte black backsplash shares the same color and texture as the flooring while the subway tile backsplash holds a difference from the hexagon flooring, adding modern beauty to this space. Moreover, the wood shelves elevate the weight of the shaker cabinets and the natural wallpaper maintains vibrant energy and echos the greenery on the shelves, intensifying the depth of this kitchen.

Two-tone Cabinetry with Matte Black Backsplash

The timeless two-tone cabinetry spreads a classic and elegant vibe. The white recessed-panel cabinets form a classic contrast with the black island while the white marble countertop with grey veins connects the two separating parts and adds dynamic visual effects to the monochromatic cabinets. Meanwhile, the dense chrome hardware indicates plenty of storage space in the cabinetry and the continuous layout of the cabinets produces an integral charm to this kitchen. Besides, the matte black subway tile backsplash with white grouting provides a calming backdrop and the black hue can hide water and oil stains easily, which improves the function of the backsplash. Putting a concrete dining table in this kitchen is an excellent idea to enhance the utilization of the space and tilting the dining table is another design ingenuity to strengthen the modern feeling of the kitchen.

Grey Cabinets with Matte Black Backsplash

This eat-in kitchen obtains a serene and calming vibe. The grey one-wall cabinetry consists of raised-panel base cabinets and glass-front upper cabinets, maximizing the space utilization of the wall, while the black soapstone countertop connects the cabinetry and responds to the matte black subway tile backsplash. The backsplash is made up of ceramic tiles, creating a bumpy texture and strengthening the elegant atmosphere of the space. In front of the cabinetry sits a dining table with a butcher block countertop and metal frames and the table extends the functional area of the cabinetry and serves as a bridge connecting the kitchen with the living room. The slab tile  flooring adds a touch of rustic beauty while the blue cloth matches well with the wood color to lighten the gloomy environment.

Wood Cabinets with Black Soapstone Countertop and Black Subway Tile Backsplash

Wood color and black interact with each other to form a typical and strong feeling of modernity. The flat paneling of the cabinets, the smooth surface of the soapstone countertop and the angular edges of the cabinets create a  flush appearance. And the wood color of the cabinetry brightens the gloomy vibe produced by the matte black one, and the matte black hue saves the catchy wood color from being too jumpy in return, harmonizing the whole atmosphere.  Contrary to the flat surfaces of the kitchen, the subway tile backsplash tells a different story. Although it has the same tone of matte black as the cabinet, its bumpy texture contrasts with the flat surface and also diversifies the kitchen. The large sliding glass doors are a design ingenuity that provides a bright space for the cabinetry in bright colors.

white subway tile backsplash with black grout

There are grout colors for a white backsplash and black grout is one of the most suitable among others. Black grout can produce a strong contrast with the white backsplash, giving a fresh and chic look to kitchens.  Most of the time, the white grout is also easy to get moldy or turn yellow, losing the beauty of the backsplash. However, black grout can solve this problem because black grout can help to hide dirt and won’t  change colors in a short time. Besides, black grout could make the white subway tiles brighter and shinier. Moreover, the black grout can strengthen the edges of the subway tile backsplash and create an appealing view behind the workstation of the kitchen.

White and Black Cabinets with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Black Grouting

Embodying an ultimate form of aesthetics, this contemporary kitchen showcases an open-plan layout. A mix of open shelves and shaker cabinets provide an energetic place for storage and the pink hues of the shelves and the wood trim of the hood intensify the refreshing charm of the upper cabinets, which creates a strong contrast with the black base cabinets. The Cambria Brittanicca Gold countertops soften the dark bodies of the cabinet and island while the gold hardware is accentuated with its glistering glamour. The monochromatic transition from the upper cabinet to the countertop is produced with the white subway tile backsplash with black grouting. Finally, the bright wood flooring made up of thin shiplap brings impressive warmth to this black-and-white space.

Warm Kitchen with Green Cabinets and White Subway Tile Backsplash

This is a fresh kitchen for a skilled cook! Single-hung windows applied to two walls make this kitchen bright and offer a beautiful natural view to this kitchen. And the green paint on the cabinets and spice rack echoes the natural scenery outside the windows and the greenery inside the kitchen. A honey wood countertop is perfect for green cabinets because this combination simulates the picture of plants under the shinny sun, giving a feeling of warmth and peace. The white subway tile backsplash with black grouting is also another ideal companion for the green cabinets and it intensifies the refreshing vibe of this space. The large stainless steel hood shows its powerful function and pairs admirably with the multifunctional appliance to offer more possibilities for cooking. Furthermore, the wood flooring strengthens the rustic texture of this kitchen and the dim yellow ceiling lights improve the balmy atmosphere of the space.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Two-tone Cabinetry and White Subway Tile Backsplash

The elements of wood and metal formulate typical characters of a farmhouse kitchen. Three large French windows invite daylight in to lighten the space up and the hung metal shelves offer places to exhibit kitchen wares without blocking lights this kitchen. The raw wood ceiling, along with the wood island, provides a rustic atmosphere for the two-tone cabinetry. Besides, the beige flat-paneled base cabinets look soft and tender and create a striking contrast with the navy blue glass-fronted upper cabinets. What makes the kitchen classic is the white subway tile backsplash with black grouting, which owns orderly and vivid patterns.  

Industrial Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Skylights

In this industrial kitchen, a sophisticated yet refreshing vibe flows vibrantly. Black base cabinets create a calming tone for the kitchen and the shaker style of the cabinets forms a visual simplicity. In addition, the butcher block countertop warms up the workstation of the kitchen to lighten the cook’s mood but the laminate countertop of the island provides a different sense of coldness, diversifying the appearance of the space. Much to delight in aesthetics, the gold hardware in a traditional style adorns the cabinets with sparking glamour. Up the kitchen lay skylights to brighten the kitchen with natural daylight and the distressed cement hexagon tile flooring contrasts favorably with the white subway tile backsplash with black grouting, which shows the comparison between antique and modernity.

black subway tile backsplash with white grout

Although white grout is easy to turn yellow, white grout is still one of the most popular options. Combing white grout with black subway tiles shows a contrasting charm on the backsplash and the white grout stands out with the help of black tiles. The subway tile pattern on the backsplash creates dynamic energy, which is intensified by the black-and-white contrast.  The black subway tile backsplash with white grout always serves as a focal point for almost all styles of kitchens.

Light Grey Cabinets with Oak Island and Black Subway Tile Backsplash

Here is another perfect example of inviting daylight to a dark kitchen! Light grey cabinets set a neutral tone for other design details and the shaker style of the cabinets and island produced a simple visual effect for the space. The suspended shelves work perfectly with the window pairs, which offer extra places for kitchen wares and allow the daylight to lighten the kitchen at the same time. The black subway tile backsplash with white grout creates a lively and stunning backdrop for the space. Furthermore, the gold feet of the stool, the gold trim of the hood and the gold decorations of the pendant lights add a classic and appealing touch of sparkle to this kitchen.

Black and White Kitchen with Patterned Chrome Hardware

This clutter-free kitchen with cabinetry makes a statement with a full-height backsplash. As a modern and graphic interpretation of the subway tiles, these ceramic tiles offer an alternative to dressing the wall surfaces and protecting the wall.  Their squeezed-looking formats provide an appealing background while the white grout emphasizes the pattern itself as is here. The black terrazzo countertop extends the hue of the backsplash and pairs harmoniously with the white shaker cabinets. Moreover, the stainless steel appliance and hood and the patterned chrome hardware soften the striking contrast of black and white and create a fresh touch to the space. The laminate flooring emits cozy vibes, making you feel at home.  

black glass subway tile backsplash

Glass backsplashes are not falling out of style anytime soon and the black glass backsplashes give a modern and classic look to kitchens. Compared with glossy black backsplash, the black glass backsplash requires less effort to clean and maintain because of its non-porous properties and stain resistance. And arranging the black glass tiles into a subway tile pattern enhances the texture and value of the backsplash, attracting people’s attention easily.

Black and White Kitchen with Glass Black Backsplash

A warm and soothing vibe spreads all over this kitchen! The custom cabinetry swallows perfectly all the stainless steel appliances to produce a modern feeling while the shake-style doors own a timeless charm and visual simplicity. The black island contrasts strongly with the white cabinets and using quartz for the countertop brings the design together. To add design ingenuity to this kitchen, the designer chooses glass black tiles for the backsplash and the subway tile patterns offer visual dynamics to the backdrop. What’s more, the chrome pulls and faucet strengthens the modernity of this space.

Mid-century Modern Kitchen with Glass Black Backsplash and White Flat Cabinetry

Sophisticated yet approachable, the highlight of this kitchen design is the glass black subway tile backsplash without a doubt. The glass black subway tile backsplash contrasts strikingly with the white flat-panel cabinets while the white grout of the backsplash offers a connection between the cabinets and backsplash. Open shelves are combined organically with the cabinetry to elevate the bulky appearance of the cabinetry and the thin chrome edge pulls maintain an integral look for the cabinets. Furthermore, the stainless steel appliance and rang hood save the cabinetry from being too simple and dull and add a touch of modernity to the space as well. The quartz waterfall countertop on  the white island looks seamless and sleek and it pairs pleasantly with the trio of walnut laminate stools  with heart-shaped backs, whose color is extended to the flooring, harmonizing the whole space.

Glass Black Subway Tile Backsplash with Dark Wood Flooring

This gorgeous and roomy kitchen unfolds in various textures and patterns cocooned in a white and black palette. As the kitchen oozes in whites and black, it also drags butcher block countertop, wood floors, raised panel, and textured materials with itself. The catchy glass black backsplash owns a lively visual effect with its white grout and it also contrasts strongly with the white raised-panel cabinets. Meanwhile, the black cast iron pulls echo the contrast and add a touch of modernity to the space. To distinguish the area of the peninsula from the workstation of the cabinetry, the designer chooses a butcher block as the countertop instead of quartz. And the dark wood flooring helps warm up the atmosphere of this kitchen.

Compact Kitchen with White Flat-paneled Cabinetry and Glass Black Backsplash

Look how this tiny yet functional kitchen is! The semi-closed kitchen layout guarantees lightness, the small cabinets offer enough storage space, and the small island increases the functions of this space. Besides, the wood knots create a pleasant and warm image with the flat-paneling of the cabinets. Contrary to the white flat-paneled cabinets, the glass black backsplash with white grout forms a fine texture and brings a classic vibe to this kitchen as well, which echos the black appliances, the black utensils, and the black plastic chairs with a vein-shaped back. What’s more, the medium-tone wood countertop serves as a soft neutralizer for the black and white tones in this kitchen while the flooring shares a similar texture and patterns with the countertop, integrating the whole space.

All-black Cabinetry with Glass Black Patterned Backsplash and Wood Flooring

Different layers of texture show diverse expressions in black. The matte black cabinetry looks sophisticated and elegant while the gold pulls and knots on the cabinets are sparkling and lighten the black cabinetry. The glass black backsplash owns distressed patterns under the cover and creates a monochromatic transition with the black marble countertop, diversifying the cabinetry. The light island provides an airy feeling to the kitchen and matches well with the stools with the black leather top, the gold trims, and the acrylic feet, which coordinate fairly with the pendant light above the island. Except for the gold parts, the wood flooring is the other element to warm up this all-black space, harmonizing this appealing kitchen.

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