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Concrete countertops: expensive and unique

contemporary Concrete countertops

Concrete countertops are also used as kitchen countertops. This is because this traditional building material has many advantages. Concrete countertops perform particularly well in modern kitchens. Kitchen countertops made of concrete have stability, numerous design options, and pure color variation.

Concrete as a material for kitchen countertops

With concrete countertops, you can bring a modern look to your kitchen. Typical gray countertops look cool and therefore are not very suitable for country-style kitchens. Instead, concrete countertops can create an industrial-style kitchen.

modern kitchen cabinets with concrete countertops

Tip: It is not classic concrete that is used to make concrete countertops, but lightweight concrete.

Concrete is an artificial stone made from a mixture of cement and gravel or sand. Cement is used as a binder, and additives such as gravel and sand give the material a unique surface appearance. The addition of water triggers a chemical process that eventually causes the substance to harden.

Tip: Before installing a kitchen countertop, you need to check if the kitchen floor can withstand the weight of a concrete countertop.

The color and feel of concrete countertops

Colored panels can also be used for concrete. Concrete countertops can be colored or inset during the production process. In addition to the color, the surface plays a major role. Due to the special manufacturing process, lightweight concrete has a slight gloss from the start. If the worktop is additionally ground or polished, the gloss can be enhanced.

Concrete kitchen cabinets design

Tip: When using concrete countertops, you also have to consider the tone and feel.

Concrete kitchen countertops: advantages and disadvantages

The complex formwork manufacturing process makes concrete countertops very expensive. Concrete countertops are scratch resistant, heat resistant and durable. However, there are more irregularities and larger holes in the porous surface.

Tip: Regular impregnation will protect your concrete countertops from fruit acid stains and prevent against water penetration.




Complex production process

Tough surface

Porous material

Easy to care for

Requires regular impregnation


Extremely expensive

Heat resistant


Scratch resistant


Personalized and modern look


Cleaning concrete kitchen countertops

The glossy concrete has a unique look. It is this look that makes your concrete kitchen countertop truly unique.

Tip: Do not use corrosive cleaners when cleaning, please use a damp soft cloth.

Production of concrete countertops

If you want to make a countertop with concrete, first you need the material to be poured into a prefabricated mold. The available space for the sink and drainer is usually left on the countertop. Thus, concrete kitchen countertops can be poured into one piece. This eliminates the need to cut extra sections, just like a countertop made of wood or timber.

Tip: Every concrete countertop is unique.

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