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CPL doors guide – Family-friendly, daily use, and versatile

CPL Doors

Doors with CPL surface are a real all-rounder: front doorsapartment doors, and interior doors meet high-quality requirements in terms of durability and robustness and also impress with their elegant and authentic design, a unique combination that is both the perfect everyday companion and the ideal basis for a beautiful home.

CPL doors design

Discover CPL doors here!

Multi-layer structure

The abbreviation CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) stands for a surface that is 100% artificial. There is also a proper name in practice, such as a laminated interior door. Each CPL top layer consists of decorative papers impregnated with melamine resin and pressed under high pressure. This creates an even layer and a particularly hard-wearing surface that, thanks to its durability, is ideal for densely populated areas such as rented apartments, children’s rooms, property apartments, and commercial premises. The surface is about 0.2 mm thick.

cpl door details

CPL = Continuous Pressure Laminate

Advantages of CPL doors

  • Rugged and durable
  • Non-fading
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scratch and chemical resistant
  • Multiple colors and structures

Daily use: No scratches and scrapes

The surface of CPL doors is particularly hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant. Due to the multi-layer nature of the laminate, doors with a CPL surface are perfect for intensive everyday use and living spaces for families with children and animals. Likewise, temperature and humidity fluctuations cannot affect the doors. This guarantees you a durable door without scratches and scrapes.

Particularly colorfast and lightfast

cpl door design

Another convincing argument lies in the particular surface resistance of the CPL doors: due to its unique manufacturing process, the models are both colorfast and lightfast. The color will not darken or fade. This ensures the lasting colors of various decorations.

CPL doors are easy to clean

CPL doors are easy to clean

CPL-coated doors are ideal for people who value low maintenance because they are easy to clean. The hard-wearing surface can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth, mild cleaning agents, and water. In addition, the surface can be dried with a cloth after cleaning to avoid streaks. Only scouring solid agents should be avoided, as these could lead to color change.

Different CPL doors designs for every style

Different CPL doors designs

Doors with a CPL surface are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the printed decorative papers, almost any design is possible for various applications. In this way, surfaces can be created with the natural look of wood or a uniform color scheme. Due to the efficient and fast processes, quick and inexpensive production of these doors can also be guaranteed.

CPL doors with glass panel

More transparency with glass inserts

CPL doors with glass panel

There are no limits to creativity: you can decorate your CPL door with light cut-outs and high-quality design glass for a bright and homely ambiance.

CPL doors with wood decor

The natural style of the wood look

CPL doors with wood decor

In addition to single-color decors, patterns with complex wood grain and tactile structure can also be realized. The difference between real wooden doors is hardly recognizable.

White CPL doors

Timeless CPL doors in white

White CPL doors

White surfaces are timeless classics for doors. Thanks to their discreet appearance, they fit into any apartment. Therefore, white interior doors are trendy.

Standard CPL doors surfaces: 

  • CPL plain white/white lacquer
  • CPL with wood decor, e.g., Nova maple, rustic oak
  • CPL with wooden structures in a modern horizontal look
  • CPL doors with glass panels
  • CPL doors with pilaster strips

Special effects with CPL wood structure in a horizontal look

wood veneered doors design 3

In addition, individual decorative papers for special effects can be manufactured and applied horizontally, rather than vertically, using modern horizontal-optical systems. This promises a unique eye-catcher for an exclusive dream home.

Finishing with pilaster strips

A special tip is to decorate the door with stylish pilaster strips, which can be selected in different versions and make the inner door a particular highlight.

CPL is available in every door design

Every door model can be manufactured with the hard-wearing CPL surface, whether interior, sliding, double swingapartment entrance, fire protection, or other functional doors. So you don’t have to compromise when choosing the right door, and you can use the artificial laminate surface CPL for all your doors.

different surfaces for cpl doors

  • CPL sliding doors
  • CPL double-wing doors
  • CPL apartment entrance doors
  • CPL fire doors

CPL doors are particularly suitable for:

  • Rental apartments
  • Children’s room
  • Apartments
  • Warehouse

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