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Customized front doors for your dream home

Customized Front Doors

Front doors have always been given special attention. They are considered the visiting card of a house. You can create the optimal front door online and buy it cheaply with the right combination of material and equipment. Parlun has made it possible. You can design different front door models according to your requirements and try out various equipment features, e.g., a front door with a side panel. Above all, the choice of front door panels requires much attention. Discover the variety of possibilities.

Calculate low price front door

Step by step to your new front door! Plastic front doors are cheaper than wooden or aluminum ones and are often used. But some people have always dreamed of an elegant wooden front door in a country house style to decorate their house.

front door from China

What used to be almost unaffordable can now be realized due to state-of-the-art and automated production. The general production costs have fallen, so you can buy front doors made of plastic, wood, or aluminum at an affordable price.

In addition, you should always consider and plan for the long term. Front door profiles with excellent thermal insulation sustainably can reduce energy consumption and save much cost. The initial investment thus pays for itself quickly. Contact us and order your affordable front door now!

In 5 steps to your new front door – this is how it works

  1. Material & Profile

Plastic, wood, or aluminum – select one of the materials and then determine the desired profile.

  1. Type and dimensions

Adapt the front door size, shape, and opening direction to your home – whether it’s a classic rectangle or a special shape.

  1. Colors and Glass

Set color effect in your home with framed decor. You determine the living comfort based on the glazing.

  1. Window accessories

Extensive choices for front door accessories enable you to create an individual design from rungs to roller shutters to security features.

  1. Order front door online

With secure payment terms and a transparent statement of costs, you can plan your new front door without hesitation. All orders are checked by our specialist staff.

Customized front doors

Buy customized front doors made of plastic, wood, or aluminum online at Parlun.

Front doors: guides, useful information, and tips

Do you think a front door is the building’s calling card and reflects the style of the residents? We think so! That’s why we comply with the most important topics concerning the heart of the house for you on this page. You will find an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of front door materials, find out what types are available and how you can realize your ideas. In addition to the design, burglary security and the thermal insulation properties of the front door play a decisive role. You can set priorities when creating your front door with selected equipment elements, such as multiple locking and glass inserts made of laminated safety glass. You can give your front door a very personal feeling through the choice of color and decorative applications or rungs.

In just a few steps to your dream front door at Parlun

Parlun has a wide range of high-quality front doors made of plastic, wood, aluminum, and wood aluminum at a reasonable price.

We have rich designs, surfaces, colors, and glazing for all materials, and the individual components can be configured individually. For example, you can add a side panel or a skylight to your standard shape.

The available color spectrum ranges from classic white to an elegant wood look. With our exclusive product range, every requirement concerning heat insulation, soundproofing, and protection against burglary can be fulfilled.

Thus, you can put together the perfectly fitting front door for your individual needs with us. We deliver the matching product if you have your dream door in mind. Let our door experts advise you free of charge and give you the best price.

Styles for the front door – from classic to modern

Styles for the front door

The front door is the heart of your home and should therefore receive the necessary attention during planning. It is the last thing you see when you leave the house in the morning and the first greeting you when you come back. The front door design can be varied from a classic white plastic door with decorative glass inserts to a wooden door in traditional country style to modern aluminum front doors, which are especially impressive for their straight-line look.

Classic front doors

The classic front door is characterized above all by its timeless design. The color white is often chosen as a harmonious composition that adapts perfectly to changing surroundings. In particular, a panel look and elegant glass inserts with multi-functional applications are features of these front doors. The most popular material is the robust plastic that combines stability and energy efficiency.

Modern front doors

Modern aluminum front doors are a real eye-catcher. The metallic look and bright RAL colors focus attention on the center of the house. The design is characterized above all by its straight lines and metal applications, which extend asymmetrically over the door panel. Glass inserts are simple, either by a single fancy shape or by a vertical line-up.

Country-style front doors

The traditional country-style front doors give your home an extraordinary charm. They are usually made of wood or plastic and are chosen in white or deep moss green: ornate decorations, rungs, and small tinted glass insert to complete the design. To save a bit on the wallet, you can choose country-style plastic doors with a wood grain finish.

Front door material: Which material is suitable for my front door?

First impression counts – this also applies to your front door! The front door is an essential style element in your home. It is the first thing you see when you come home and the last thing you see when you leave. That’s why it’s often a design focal point. Whether it’s a front door made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, you can choose from various modern and classic door panels to make your entrance a real eye-catcher.

Plastic front doors

Plastic doors impress with their excellent price-performance ratio and are among the most popular front doors. They have a multi-chamber system that ensures stability and good thermal insulation and is highly weather-resistant. The material is stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Your plastic front door will remain new for a long time.

Various decor colors are available for an individual design, which can even imitate a deceptively natural wood look. You can equip the front door according to your needs thanks to extensive accessories, such as a skylight or side panels. Security fittings and a reliable locking system ensure burglary protection, so you can sleep soundly at night. Start configuring right away!

Different wood grain exterior materials for plastic front doors

Advantages of plastic front doors

  • Good thermal insulation thanks to multi-chamber profiles
  • High-quality plastic with a long service life
  • Weatherproof and stable
  • Easy to care for and changeable
  • Inexpensive to purchase

Disadvantages of plastic front doors

  • Scratches and damages are difficult to repair
  • No natural living feeling as with wood
  • Less robust than aluminum doors

Wooden front doors

Wooden front doors

Front doors made of wood are real collector’s items.They are mainly used in country style and allow a modern, timeless design. The natural wood grain conjures a pleasant atmosphere that gives warmth and coziness to the house. Rich decorations are possible here, which once again emphasize the wood texture. The natural feeling can be intensified with protective wood varnish, or you can choose opaque varnish.

The maintenance requirement is higher for wooden front doors, and so is the purchase price.However, you benefit from excellent energy efficiency that hardly any other material can match. The multi-layer glued solid wood also ensures high stability and thus safety. Combined with a suitable locking system, you can keep thieves at a distance. Look forward to a natural raw material with outstanding properties to enrich your everyday life.

Advantages of wooden front doors

  • Naturally renewable raw material
  • Good thermal insulation and comfort
  • High stability and natural grain
  • Wonderful moldings and rungs

Disadvantages of wooden front doors

  • Increased maintenance and regular glazing required
  • Less weather-resistant than aluminum or plastic
  • Comparatively higher price

Aluminum front doors

Aluminum front doors

Aluminum front doors are considered very modern and can be found mainly in the commercial sector and public buildings, where the frequency of use is very high. The material is exceptionally hard-wearing and easy to care for, making its service life considerably. Due to its high stability, aluminum is also suitable for daring constructions such as those used for glass fronts. In this way, narrow components with high load-bearing capacities can be realized.

The smooth or matte velvety surface provides an elegant and timeless design. It can be decorated with numerous RAL paints using powder coating and shines especially in combination with generous glass inserts. The material is extremely robust and, together with an excellent locking system, ensures reliable security. Thanks to modern technologies and a multi-chamber system, the thermal insulation is also impressive. At parlun, different models offer a wide range of possibilities.

Advantages of aluminum front doors

  • High stability and good static properties
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant
  • Extremely durable and resistant
  • Elegant and timeless design

Disadvantages of aluminum front doors

  • Thermal insulation depends on the profile system
  • Comparatively higher price
  • Significant length changes with temperature fluctuations

Front doors price comparison – buy cheap online!

the frame for aluminum windows

Different products have different prices – this is nothing new. However, in the case of front door prices, the range is extensive. This is due to the different materials and expensive special equipment for burglary protection. We recommend first deciding on a profile material for initial orientation for prices and costs. Next, it is essential to check the technical specifications to ensure that the front door will meet your requirements.

Pay particular attention to the number of profile chambers or the overall depth of the frame for plastic and aluminum. The material of the door panel often determines the price. However, filtering out the desired information from a wide range of products usually requires a lot of patience. So simply configure the front door by yourself and decide which variant is the most suitable for you. You can then conveniently buy your front door online.

Customized front doors from Parlun

Contact us to design and order custom front doors made of plastic, wood, or aluminum online at Parlun.


What types, shapes, and variants of front doors?

the types of front door

Front doors have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are highly adaptable to your needs; they fit perfectly into the building and reflect your style. The size of the wall opening determines the width and height of the door. Front doors with a skylight or side panel are particularly suitable for generous dimensions. You can choose whether your front door opens outward or inward. The weather conditions of the respective place usually play a role here. Of course, you can also decide whether it should be a single-leaf or a double-leaf front door, so you can be sure of an impressive external effect. Discover the diverse possibilities!

Single-leaf front door

Single-leaf front doors belong to the classic standard. They usually open inwards, are made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, and can be freely designed. The width and height depend on the dimensions of the wall opening and the static aspects of the chosen material.

Double-leaf front door

With a double-leaf front door, you can be sure of an imposing appearance. This is usually a conventional door leaf and a front leaf that can only be operated when the other is open. Alternatively, two individual leaves can be separated with a central post.

Front door opens outwards

Houses near the coast, in particular, usually have a front door that opens outwards. This is due to strong gusts of wind and storms. The reverse mechanism pushes the door leaf into the frame, increasing the tightness and protecting the material.

Front door with side panel

Wide wall openings require a front door with a side panel or several fixed side panels. These can be designed in the door panels, or you can use glass inserts to illuminate the hallway with natural daylight. This creates a living atmosphere.

Front door with skylight

Front doors with skylights are ideal for buildings with high ceilings. The skylight provides light and, as a tilting version, can also contribute to the ventilation of small corridors. The design can be freely selected from a classic rectangle to shapely arches.

Front door with round arch

Round-arched front doors are mainly found in older buildings. They offer a sublime look and give the entrance a profound appearance. The round arch can be processed directly in the door or designed as an arch-shaped skylight.

Ideal front door dimensions for every building situation

Would you like to design your house individually according to your ideas? No problem! Thanks to modern technology and automatic production lines, customized front doors are affordable for every builder. You no longer have to resort to the standard models and build your house around them but can tailor the front door precisely to your building situation.

You can determine the height and width as well as additional equipment. Multi-leaf front doors can also be realized in this way. With high ceilings, it is advisable to equip the front door with a skylight that provides additional light, while wide entrances benefit from side panels that become real eye-catchers with glass inserts.

You can design every detail down to the millimeter at Parlun, and our staff will check every order about your requirements.

Typical front door dimensions

Width x height [cm]Width x height [mm]

Popular front door dimensions and sizes 

Popular front door dimensions and sizes

  • Front door 90×200
  • Front door 100×200
  • Front door 100×210
  • Front door 110×210


From classic white to a metallic look – our front door colors

Realize your style of living at the entrance with the matching front door color. Depending on the material, there are various options available to you. Front doors made of plastic can be designed with various decors. These are available in a single color or with a delicate embossing that resembles natural wood grain. Wooden doors can be finished with transparent glazes and thus enhance the natural color of wood, but opaque varnishes are also possible so that you can create a front door in a country house style with a bright forest green.

Aluminum front doors offer the most incredible variety. These are finished with a powder coating. You can choose from rich RAL tones as well as different wood looks. Try different colorsuntil you find the right one for your home.


Front door equipment: What should I pay attention to when buying a front door?

Front door equipment

The equipment of a front door is different from the standard off-the-shelf model. Here you can incorporate your requirements and create corresponding differences in quality. The main categories are burglary protection, thermal insulation, and durability. In addition, you can adjust the design and practical accessories to facilitate your everyday life.

Front Door locking

Locking is essential for front door burglary protection. It prevents the door leaf from being pried open. Lock latches, hooks, or hook-bolt systems are used depending on the system. Multiple locking is recommended, which means that the door is secured at different points. Typical are 1-fold, 3-fold, and 5-fold locks.

Front Door Hinges

Front door hinges ensure the security and functionality of a front door. They allow the ideal transmission of forces to move heavy door leaves smoothly. A distinction is made between classic door hinges and roller hinges. In addition to the quality, the number of hinges is also important, which should be adjusted to the weight of the door leaf.

Front door filling

The filling and glazing of a front door can fulfill different functions: security, heat protection, and privacy. Decorative glass, which blocks the incoming light, is suitable for privacy. Insulating glass helps keep heat in the house and thus reduces heating costs. In addition to both variants, a so-called laminated safety glass pane is recommended.

Thermal insulation

The front door makes a decisive contribution to the house’s thermal insulation. For this purpose, the frame must be appropriately insulated and the door panel. In the case of plastic front doors, multi-chamber profiles are used. Other factors are the door seals, glazing, and tightness due to the door fittings. All components together ensure a low front door U-value.

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