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design team from Parlun

Parlun Buildings’ design team will construct a unique design that meets your criteria in terms of space utilization, price, and personal preferences. Once we get your home or building drawings, we immediately spring into action.

Our designers are able to produce 3D renderings with preferred materials as well as detailed design documentation. We also provide completely coordinated working drawings to ensure that the products bought can be installed and used at the conclusion of the project.

China's Best Design Team


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To improve our global expertise, Parlun design team in China has been engaging with designers and suppliers from Italy, Canada, and the United States. We can present proposals with varying pricing levels based on our decades of industry knowledge, allowing you to get what you truly want at a reasonable cost while staying within your budget and without sacrificing quality.

Customized design

Parlun Buildings recognizes our customers’ individual demands and strives to generate their particular flair. Our expert designers respect our customers’ design choices, whether they are minimalist or rich and complicated. We will incorporate our customers’ preferences and space needs to create attractive, practical environments, certain that we have the necessary construction materials and human experience.

Design Service Procedures

Make an appointment with us to discuss your project needs, and we will examine and confirm what you need in terms of supplies and services. You chose your chosen style of decorating, and then within three days, we created a rough design plan.

Once confident, you sign the contract and pay a deposit. Within just one week, we make any required changes to the home or building design plan.

The owner, or owner’s representative, or sourcing agency will be accompanied by our chief designer in the selection and procurement of construction materials.

We will keep the client updated on the manufacturing process’s and the progress.

We provide project management and installation advice in three stages. If you need help, please contact our online customer care center, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.