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Designer fittings for the kitchen: beautifying the sink area with faucets

Designer kitchen faucets

In terms of design, kitchen faucets are no longer limited to the classic sink arm. At Parlun, you can find fittings that can be used to visually emphasize the sink area, whether the design is in curved form or reduced form, whether it is stainless steel, matte black, or retractable faucets.

The look of design-oriented kitchen fittings

A faucet can look ostentatious, like a small work of art. A beautiful curved faucet made of shiny chrome, for example, looks classy when combined with a matching sink and other surfaces in the kitchen. You can also make the sink area the focal point of your kitchen with colorful kitchen fixtures.

modern Designer kitchen faucets

A design faucet differs from a standard faucet in the following aspects:

  • material
  • color
  • shape
  • unit with sink


Retractable faucet for sink area

Retractable faucets are used in modern kitchens, where a clean, uncluttered look prevails, with high-quality surfaces and impressive clear lines. When they are not in use, the retractable kitchen faucets can be hidden away.

Retractable kitchen faucet

How much does a designer faucet for the kitchen cost?

As with all elements of a new kitchen, so are the fittings. Four-figure sums are not uncommon when buying high-quality, attractive designer fittings from reputable fitting manufacturers.

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