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Fire doors guide – The ideal protection in case of fire

Fire Doors

What are fire doors? Fire doors can prevent fire from spreading rapidly and protect the entrance and interior of the house from fire. As fireproof seals, they must be self-locking to ensure optimal protection. They are usually installed where required by building regulations.

modern fire doors design

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Advantages of fire doors:

  • Block fire development
  • Protect life
  • Meets building regulations

Test certificate for fire doors

With the combined purchase of a fire door and a fire protection frame, you will automatically receive a test certificate for the building inspection.

fire doors details

  • Door leaf + frame with fire protection function = delivery includes Test Certificate

The International fire protection standard

To be a fire door, it must be manufactured by the international safety standard DIN 4102-5 (DIN EN 1634-1). According to the definition of DIN 4102-5 and DIN EN 1634-1, fire doors are self-closing. When closed, they are intended to prevent the passage of fire through a fireproof door leaf. The fire doors can be classified according to the following fire resistance classes: T30, T60, T90, T120, and T180. The number after the T indicates the duration in minutes for which the fire door prevents the fire from passing.

Important: Every fire door must be approved by the International Institute for Building Technology.

The areas of fire doors application

Particular importance is attached to fire doors in buildings with high visitor frequency and vulnerable people. Fire doors are also popular in long corridors, stairwells, and escape routes. Examples of good uses of fire doors are:

fire door for house

  • Hotels and hostels
  • Kindergartens
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Administrative buildings, banks, and office buildings
  • Universities and schools
  • Apartment buildings

Additional smoke protection function

For many fire protection closures, an additional smoke protection function is required to prevent or reduce the passage of smoke. In the event of a fire, the greatest danger comes from the smoke, which spreads within a few seconds. Smoke and fire gases cause life-threatening circumstances such as panic formation due to impaired visibility, lack of oxygen, and toxicity with immediate fatal consequences. Therefore, it is possible to configure additional smoke protection with many fire doors.

Variety of fire doors designs

fire doors from China

Many different surfaces can be implemented for fire doors. A fire door coated with CPL or HPL is particularly hard-wearing, while a lacquered surface looks very elegant. Natural wood veneer can be selected for a homely ambiance. For fire doors with glass, the safe fire protection glass F30 is mainly used to support the protective function of the door.

The right frame

Frame with a fire protection function must be combined with a fire door. This is the only way to ensure compliance with the DIN regulation, and only then can a building authority test certificate be issued.

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