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Granite countertops: Hard-wearing countertops for busy kitchens

contemporary granite countertops

Granite is a common material used for countertops. This is because this natural stone is very hard and exceptionally hard-wearing. Minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica give granite its unique appearance. But is granite also recommended for your fully equipped kitchen? What should you look for?

A wide variety of granite designs in the kitchen

The colors of granite countertops range from blue to gray to yellow, so no matter what color you want to choose, granite will be able to satisfy you. The wide variety of granite colors is also reflected in the price. The rarer the pattern on the granite, the more expensive the stone is. Despite the high price cost, natural stone complements almost all kitchen designs.

 variety of granite designs

There are also two different types of granite surfaces

  • polished
  • matte

If the granite for kitchen countertops is polished, it makes this natural stone very shiny and looks especially elegant. If your kitchen cookware is shiny, but you use matte kitchen countertops. This contrast will make the kitchen look more stylish. Besides that, it can also complement the matte kitchenware.

granite designs in the kitchen

When you are choosing between matte or polished, there is one more thing to keep in mind. It is that smooth, shiny granite is easier to clean than matte surfaces due to the uniformity of the surface finish.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite countertops

Granite comes in a wide variety of colors. And because it is a natural stone, the pattern of each piece is distinctive. Using it as a kitchen countertop will make your home look very delicate. Besides, granite is scratch-resistant, cut-resistant, and odorless. It is very safe. And due to the heat-resistant stone surface, even hot pots and pans will not cause any damage. Since granite slabs do not contain any lime, they are very insensitive to acids, oils, and fats. Like any natural stone, granite requires regular maintenance.



A wide variety of colors   

Requires regular maintenance

Good optical effect   

Impregnation to prevent staining

Scratch and cut resistant surface

Medium to high price range



Heat resistant


Very acid resistant


Natural stone made from liquid magma

This material has a long way to go before granite countertops are built into a fully equipped kitchen. It is stored more than two kilometers below the surface. Natural stone is formed from liquid magma. The stone solidifies as it reaches the surface. Granite is also one of the magmatic rocks because of its unique structure.

Granite is not only old, but it is also very hard rock. That’s exactly why this natural stone is perfect for kitchen countertops

kitchen cabinet from China

Granite is the most popular among natural stones, so if you want to buy granite for your kitchen countertops and want to get high-quality granite countertops at a very low price. You can consult Parlun, the supplier from China, to help you choose a cost-effective granite material that meets your heart’s expectations

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