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Green windows – tones of nature and life

Green windows

Strong green tones for plastic windows, wooden windows, and aluminum windows

Thermal insulation, energy efficiency, soundproofing, security, individual configuration, and various materials are the main focus at Parlun. Are you looking for an unusual solution with a distinctive color? Try our green windows from Parlun, and let us convince you!

  • Available in plastic, wood, aluminum, and wood-aluminum
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Impressive sound insulation
  • Individually configurable, long service life
  • Intense colors – also in moss green and emerald green

green color plastic windows

Green is hope – hope for well-being becomes reality

What do you associate with green? Hope? Meadows and nature? A football pitch? The most beautiful of all traffic light colors? Or the eye color of a particular person? No matter what associations we find: Green is a thoroughly positive, life-affirming color. While green windows used to be found mainly in rural areas, they can be imagined almost everywhere nowadays and have long been accepted.

Fancy, intense, full of life – green windows are convincing!

If you choose a plastic decor, you will find a wide range of green tones: moss green, dark green, or even emerald green. Aluminum and wooden windows are painted in green tones of RAL colors. With windows in green, you will significantly enhance the appearance of your home. Green catches the eye and creates a positive mood. Notice the difference when your guests admire the new windows for the first time.

Green windows combined with suitable color – Convincing effect

Green can provide an extraordinary contrast and even more powerful effect with other colors. Light green correlates very well with a dark facade. Darker shades of green combine very well with lighter shades.

 green tones of RAL colors 

Skylight windows in moss green are trendy in schools and administrative buildings. We are happy to provide you with matching accessories, such as silver-colored handles, door hinges, or transoms.

We offer the shades of moss green, dark green, or emerald green for plastic profiles, while aluminum and wooden windows are powder coated or painted in green RAL colors. 

You can combine various accessories to achieve this purpose. Contact us for more detailed information and try it out, e.g., matching, silver-colored window handles, fittings, or glazing bars between panes (SZR glazing bars). Decide and create your window solution in green!

A true play of colors: aluminum windows in shades of green

aluminum windows in shades of green

Classic country house style or modern apartment building – aluminum windows in green are becoming increasingly popular and frequently used. The color spectrum ranges from subtle to flashy and offers many design options. The shades moss green (RAL 6005) and fir green (RAL 6009) are trendy. But trendy colors such as bright green or grass green also make the facade shine. No matter which color combination you choose, the appreciative glances from your neighbors are certain. Especially in combination with light facade colors, aluminum windows in green come into their own. Contact us for more detailed information about aluminum windows in emerald green or grass green.

Wooden windows in green – quality and reliability

Our wooden windows are sturdy solid wood and glued in multiple layers, creating an extremely robust frame construction. Thanks to the excellent seals and insulating glass packages, the natural thermal insulation of green wooden windows are also supported. A unique glaze protects the profile from pests and fungal attacks. Green wooden windows with glazing bars are also an impressive eye-catcher, guaranteeing appreciative glances from your neighbors and visitors. You can choose from the classic wooden glazing bar, the attached decorative glazing bar, or the practical glazing bar. The latter is located in the space between the panes and therefore does not interfere with the cleaning of wooden windows.

Green windows – many advantages

advantages of green windows

We offer excellent thermal insulation and high energy efficiency in all models. You have the opportunity to improve these advantages through individual configuration further – for example, by selecting the profile, glazing, and using the warm edge. Opt for optimum thermal insulation and enjoy lower heating costs. Furthermore, the sound insulation can also be individually adjusted, which you will quickly learn to appreciate. Parlun will be happy to take your order. We only manufacture according to customer requirements and want to help you create your window solution.

Frequently asked questions about the window color green

Which house color is suitable for green windows?

Green windows are often found in rural areas or on farms. Especially with brown bricks, the windows get the perfect look for a farm or horse farm. But the green window can also be used in residential areas. A house facade with bright pastel yellow and green windows radiates lively energy. The colorful windows are particularly well-known in Mediterranean countries. Thus, it is not uncommon to find green windows with shutters there. If you want to have an intense facade color that is entirely Mediterranean, you can also choose a radiant ocher yellow or a strong orange-pink mixture.

How much do green windows cost?

The price of green windows depends on the individual configuration. Contact us for more detailed information and put together your desired window while following the price composition. In particular, the choice of profile and window glazing affect the price. You can find more information about this in the window costs.

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