Kitchen Splashback:

a variety of materials to choose from

Your future dream kitchen can be transformed by more than just tiles. kitchen splashbacks from Parlun are more impressive than tiles. After all, that’s exactly what you see when you’re cooking and preparing delicious food.

What is a kitchen splashback?

A kitchen splashback sits between the base and the wall unit and protects the wall from splashing water. This is particularly important in the stove and sink area. In the past, people used tiled backsplashes, but today there are many variants in different materials which are easy to maintain and wipe down. The kitchen splashback is very important. It is the backdrop to your kitchen and has a decisive influence on the design and ambiance as well.


The variety of materials and patterns available for kitchen splashbacks is almost endless. If you have any questions and would like more information, Parlun will be happy to help you with your kitchen planning at home and provide advice, actions and many, material and color samples.

contemporary plastic splashback

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic backsplashes


Many colors and decorative variants

Easy to care for


Sensitive to scratches and impacts


Not fully heat resistant

Practical plastic splashback :

Plastic backsplashes are inexpensive and versatile. It exudes rustic comfort, and it can be a wood look or a modern stone look. This easy-care material is also available in many color options. And they are all very maintainable. All you need to do is wipe lightly to remove stains. This backsplash is especially suitable for country kitchens, but not only that.

Seamless glass splashback:

You will often see the glass as kitchen fronts and worktops. But it is also suitable for the backsplash of your future dream kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks made of ESG glass are currently very popular. This is because this safety glass is very strong. Panels made of acrylic glass or Plexiglas are slightly less heat and scratch resistant, but cheaper.

The use of frosted glass highlights the minimalist lifestyle. In terms of daily use, glass backsplashes are very easy to maintain. Whether it is safety glass or acrylic glass, these materials are very easy to clean. It does not absorb moisture or odors. And because there are no seams in the continuous wall, dirt and mold do not infest.

The lighting effect of glass splashbacks

Whether you want to evenly or selectively illuminate a kitchen backsplash made of safety glass or acrylic glass, it produces a great lighting effect. In addition, with this modern lighting solution, you always have a clear view of everything while preparing and cooking. This means that a glass backsplash is suitable for almost any kitchen. That’s why it’s especially popular for designer kitchens.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass splashback


Various colors, patterns and motifs

Non-porous and seamless, durable and hygienic

Light resistant


Sensitive to scratches

Visible fingerprints and oil stains

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic splashbacks


Non-porous and hygienic


High quality and modern look


Higher price

High Quality Ceramic Splashbacks

Ceramic splashbacks are very practical and durable in the kitchen. Ceramics is impressive because of its beauty. And scratches, heat, UV rays, bacteria, and moisture will not damage your ceramic kitchen splashback. It is ideal for the kitchen. The non-porous surface of this natural material won’t let anything into your kitchen walls, so it’s very durable and easy to maintain. It can be country house style, modern kitchen style, or industrial looking. With Parlun’s ceramic splashbacks, your kitchen will stand out.

Unique natural stone backsplash:

Natural stone has been very popular from ancient times to the present. Natural stone kitchen splashbacks look high quality in every design. Their luxurious and elegant style complements the rustic and comfortable kitchen. Each pattern is naturally formed, which makes your kitchen truly unique. With proper care, you can use natural stone kitchen splashbacks for a long time. If you like the look and are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can take a look at our plastic backsplash, which looks like stone.

marble stone backsplash

advantages and disadvantages of natural stone splashbacks



Heat resistant

Stable and durable


Requires immediate wiping away of strongly stained food

Requires moisture impregnation

Personal Theme Splashbacks from Parlun

A splash pad can also be a special pattern, and any picture you like very much can become a pattern splashback. At Parlun, you can choose your favorite picture from a variety of themes, and your imagination is no longer limited in any way.

Whether you want to cook in front of the dunes of the North Sea or the hilly landscape of Tuscany, what used to be impossible is now a reality at Parlun. There are no longer any limits to what you can see on your kitchen splashback.

get your dream kitchen from Parlun

If you want more options, here we have more materials for your kitchen splashback

Tiles: the classic

Small square tiles used to be popular. Today, the focus is more on larger tiles. Not only does this look more modern, but it’s also more practical. Because there is less dirt or mold to cling to where there are fewer joints.

Countertop materials: the perfect match

You can use a splashback in your kitchen made from the same material as your worktop. Kitchen units will look particularly harmonious if they blend seamlessly with the backsplash. But you can also create contrast by choosing the same material but a different color.

Wood: comfortable

This natural raw material makes the room look warm and inviting. Together with the white framed frontage, it looks like a pure country house. Combined with the dark kitchen fronts and stainless steel elements, it becomes more urban. Please note that wall panels made of solid wood require more maintenance than faux products.

Stainless steel: pure

Stainless steel backsplashes are popular in private kitchens. Because it gives a cool, industrial overall impression, it’s perfect for people who like to cook in a modern atmosphere and want to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Backsplash cladding

An inexpensive alternative to kitchen backsplashes is a backsplash made of self-adhesive foil. This is an easy and effective way to showcase your kitchen. This film is available in a variety of colors and finishes. However, bonding requires some skill. In addition, the film is certainly not as strong and easy to maintain as kitchen splashbacks made of glass, ceramic, or other materials.

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