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L-shaped open kitchen cabinets

L-shaped open kitchen

L-shaped open kitchens, also known as corner kitchens, are a classic kitchen shape. Benefiting from the arrangement of two small kitchens at the corner, corner open kitchens offer enough storage space and are particularly space-saving. If the L-shaped open kitchen can be adapted precisely to the room, it can work great even inside a small room and provide enough space for cooking, baking, and social gatherings.

In the following, we’ll introduce you to the things you should consider when planning an L-shaped open kitchen, as well as the advantages and special features of this innovative kitchen shape.

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The kitchen experts from Parlun will be happy to help you plan the new kitchen of your dreams so that your cooking area matches the room perfectly and meets your requirements.

Advantages of corner open kitchen

An L-shaped open kitchen usually consists of a long side and a short side that join in one corner to form a large kitchen. This arrangement not only makes full use of the corners of the room but also makes your daily work easier. Due to the skillful arrangement of kitchen appliances and the convenience of cookware, crockery, and accessories, walking distances are shortened and workflow is simplified.

L-shaped open kitchen design

In the L-shaped open kitchen with an electric hob and sink, you can use the wide worktop. Due to the optimized workflow, the cooking pleasure is doubled.

Conclusion of advantages

  1. Suitable for small kitchens
  2. Space-saving design
  3. Short working path
  4. Open design
  5. Can be combined with a kitchen island

How to plan your L-shaped open kitchen?

The L-shaped open kitchen offers you plenty of freedom of movement. Two small adjacent kitchens combine order and function.

In a corner kitchen, frequently used kitchen appliances are usually arranged in a triangle, which reduces unnecessary walking and makes work easier.   

L-shaped open kitchen from Parlun

L-shaped kitchens offer more storage space and cooking surfaces than simple kitchenettes. Long kitchenettes and short kitchenettes are often combined together. The long kitchen area provides space for stoves, refrigerators and spacious worktops to be placed, while in the shorter area, sinks, cabinets, and dishwashers can be placed.

The experts from Parlun will be happy to help you with your kitchen planning so that your new kitchen is exactly what you want it to be. If you wish, our experts can even plan and tailor the kitchen precisely to the dimensions of your home.

How big a room is an L-shaped open kitchen suitable for?

The corner open kitchen fits any room size, whether it is a small room or a wide cooking area. This kitchen shape is particularly suitable in wide, square spaces or open spaces.

small L-shaped kitchen cabinets

In small rooms, a light-colored open kitchen is ideal, which visually expands the room. Relying on warm colors, natural tones, or wooden elements, it looks very warm.

How to reasonably extend the L-shaped open kitchen?

L-shaped kitchens can have a particularly flexible kitchen design. If you cook a lot and want more space? Then a wide kitchen island in the middle of the room is ideal. If you need more storage space, you can extend your corner kitchen on both sides, and add more cabinets and kitchen appliances. This way, your L-shaped open kitchen becomes the popular U-shaped open kitchen.

U-shaped open kitchen

If you are thinking of acquiring a new kitchen, you can find the L-shaped open concept at Parlun, as well as other series of kitchens. If you have any further questions, our qualified kitchen consultants will be glad to advise you and help you find the right appliances for your dream kitchen.

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