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50+Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas and Tips (2024)

Table of Contents

Modern Scandinavian style black matte kitchen with wooden floating shelves

In this modern Scandinavian kitchen, the ebony matte black cabinets and white quartzite countertops are appealing for their color contrast, and the cantilevered island provides a convenient dining space. Three identical windows provide light that shines on the medium-toned wood floors, and with greenery everywhere, this kitchen looks warmer. The stainless steel exterior of the appliances and white undermount sink add a modern touch that is minimalist and very stylish at the same time. The striped rug on the wood floor creates a dynamic feel to the kitchen, while the open suspended wood shelves with your favorite items look like a work of art.

A matte transitional kitchen with the perfect combination of green and black

Matte black cabinetry and brass fittings perfectly complement each other to create this transitional L-shaped kitchen. The small single dining table in the center of the kitchen showcases a sense of drama and timelessness. The match tile backsplash, farmhouse sink, and shaker cabinets paired with brass hardware accents create a luxurious aesthetic. The wooden shelves are open, but things are placed in a very orderly way, and thanks to this, the space is very open and airy.

About Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

For a long time, white has dominated kitchen cabinets, and white has been popular as the most classic color because of its versatility, simplicity, and ease of cleaning. However, in recent years, the trend of kitchen cabinets started to shift to black, which is a better choice for those who are not used to cleaning their cabinets regularly as it is easier to clean compared to white, especially matte black.

Besides, black is considered to be linked with premium, it is bold and mysterious, noble and elegant. Especially matte black finish, it absorbs light and creates a serene, luxurious kitchen. Matte black cabinets and gold hardware are an excellent combination, and of course, you can create a two-toned, modern matte black kitchen with classical white. Over time, kitchens in other colors may discolor or age, but black matte is timeless and it’s virtually colorfast.

Classic black matte kitchen with laminate wood flooring

In this classic kitchen, a matte black cabinet surface with a granite island countertop adds a noble and luxurious touch to the kitchen. The round chairs break up the straight lines of the kitchen and bring a sense of movement to the kitchen. The ceramic backsplash is a very special design, with the addition of a chevron pattern that brings people’s attention to it. The laminate wood flooring is very vibrant compared to the other elements, forming a visual impact with the cool-toned cabinets in the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised by the paneling appliances, which are very functional and have a stylish look.

Black industrial style kitchen with laminate wood flooring

The laminate wood flooring with the letter “X” island is very fashionable and welcoming, isn’t it? Black shaker cabinets, granite countertops and a slate backsplash complete the industrial style kitchen. Three pendant lights are arranged in different heights to give plenty of light and add style to the kitchen space. The open wooden shelves with greenery make the kitchen very airy and comfortable. The undercounter sink and stainless steel appliances are essential to the kitchen, sturdy and practical with a stylish appearance.

Contemporary black matte kitchen with concrete countertop

Large contemporary kitchens are definitely the best choice for those who like minimalist style! The purely flat cabinet panels are decorated with no other elements and are paired with built-in appliances for a very flat and neat look. The concrete countertops and slate backsplash bring the industrial vibe into this kitchen. The long pendant light shines and the light wood flooring adds a wonderful touch to the cool black and white kitchen, making the whole kitchen warm and comfortable.

Black, white and gray classic modern kitchen with dark hardwood floors

The dark hardwood flooring and the classic black, white and gray color scheme are in perfect harmony. The pure white flat panel cabinets, accented with striped handles, provide convenience and style. The stainless steel appliances look shiny and

reflect natural light into this kitchen, which is very clean and comfortable. The quartz countertops and farmhouse sink are also very classic and durable, with greenery and a fresh, natural atmosphere.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinet With Hardware

When designing a kitchen, small details like hardware should not be ignored. Because it plays a very important role in the kitchen, it serves as an accent to the cabinet, it is not only very practical at the same time, but also can change the style of the kitchen, allowing your kitchen to become elegant and sophisticated. Black matte cabinets are noble and elegant, and the classic color can be matched with various colors and various types of hardware accents, such as gold handles, or white handles as a contrasting color.

If you are ready to explore different ideas of black matte cabinet hardware, please slide the page to see the different kitchen design handles that will allow you to easily find the black matte cabinet hardware of your dreams.

Perfect match of brass hardware and matte black kitchen cabinets

The perfect combination of classic white and classic black creates this modern kitchen. Matte black is the main color of the kitchen, but it is balanced by the presence of oak floors, white quartz countertops. The kitchen does not look overwhelming. Instead, the classic minimalist flat panel cabinets are accented by brass bar pulls, giving the whole kitchen a very noble and elegant look. The minimalist design of the spherical pendant light provides light that is reflected by the polished countertop, making the kitchen look more spacious and airy.

Less is more idea in this matte black kitchen

For those who like minimalist style, this kitchen is a good choice. Except for the chrome-plated hardware pulls, there are no extra decorations on the matte black cabinets, and the kitchen appliances are set in the cabinets to ensure the unity of the kitchen. The arrangement is changed through different materials such as wood veneer and rock slab in the form of block separation, which makes this kitchen rich in variation and rhythm based on simplicity. In terms of color, the black matte cabinets and wood flooring produce a contrast to give a balance of color, which has a sense of the warmth of life and also extends the space, making it look more spacious.

The white waterfall island brings movement to this matte black kitchen

You will be absolutely stunned by the transitional style of this kitchen. the Waterfall beige center island occupies the middle of the kitchen and the pattern on it makes the whole kitchen dynamic and very sophisticated. The matte black cabinets are very special, and the four corners of the shaker cabinets are each embellished in a very striking way. At the same time, copper appliance pulls and cabinets complement each other. The beige backsplash features the same pattern as the island, ensuring the unity and harmony of the kitchen. The minimalist streamlined pendant light fits the concept of minimalist design in modern style, while the hood is very traditional and classical. The perfect transition of the two styles gives this kitchen a unique look.

A modern black matte kitchen with solid surface countertops

Is this small, modern U-shaped dining kitchen your dream kitchen? The built-in matte black tops with solid white countertops keep this kitchen’s palette balanced, and with the addition of greenery, the entire kitchen is filled with a fresh, natural atmosphere. The stainless steel kitchen appliances are attractive to the eye, and the polished surface refracts light to make the whole space wider. The chrome-plated hardware on the black cabinet is very practical, both beautiful and practical as one. Benefiting from the different heights of the island, the kitchen space becomes more layered and spacious, and all the elements of the kitchen are so harmoniously matched.

What Is A Matte Finish?

Nowadays, matte finishes are becoming more and more popular, so what exactly is a matte finish? In terms of the finishing process, it is the exact opposite of the production process of polished finishes. As we all know, polished finishes reflect light to a great extent, while matte finishes absorb all the light. On the whole, the effect of the whole kitchen will be softer and more elegant because of the matte finish. And, in fact, it perfectly fits the concept of modern style, the smooth and simple linear look gives a sophisticated and luxurious appearance and is very elegant.

A black and white two-tone designer kitchen with a waterfall island

A classic black and white two-tone minimalist open kitchen! The undercounter sink, flat black matte cabinets, and waterfall design island are timeless and classic designs. Black may make you feel a little depressed, but this kitchen subtly uses light laminate flooring to break up the heaviness of the color and create a sense of balance between the colors. The pendant light emphasizes the height of the kitchen, and the space further appears more spacious. In addition, its design is also unique, with several metal surface orbs forming the pendant light, which is very fashionable and very design, and the upper part of the dining table and chairs are made of brass in old colors, so that the feeling of luxury is filled in this kitchen.

Matte Black Transitional Kitchen with Vinyl Flooring

In this transitional kitchen, the black and white cabinets with warm lighting and gold accents are extra warm and luxurious. The white vinyl flooring is paired with a white waterfall island, a flowing look that made the kitchen a more popular place to be. The uneven exterior formed by the black built-in kitchen appliances and raised cabinets, the view gives the kitchen a more dynamic feel and the backsplash is a bumpy touch that is very unique.

Medium contemporary black matte kitchen with cement tile floor

Each kitchen inspiration is very impressive in this medium-sized contemporary L-shaped kitchen. The cement tile floor adds a modern industrial touch to the kitchen. The chairs are of the same shade and are very harmonious. The cabinet doors are flat panel design, which doesn’t look too monotonous, but very consistent with the idea that simplicity is best in contemporary style. The quartzite countertop, stone tile backsplash is full of natural atmosphere. Matte black cabinets and light wood cabinets complement each other, creating a balance of colors. The orange window frame adds a highlight to the kitchen and is very stylish.

Streamlined minimalist matte black kitchen with travertine flooring

A streamlined, modern kitchen is really beautiful! The entire kitchen has no complicated design and is mostly minimalist. The solid white countertop with polished white glass backsplash adds visual width to the whole kitchen. The color scheme is predominantly black and white, making this kitchen look stylish no matter what time of day it is. The refrigerator is built into the cabinetry so that it is not too abrupt and adds practicality. The cabinet without the top gives the kitchen a chance to breathe, and it will be very comfortable to cook in this kitchen.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets With Natural Wood

Matte black – a timeless color. The combination of matte black and natural wood is so harmonious. Matte black is the representative tone of elegance, the dark black color used in large areas in the kitchen can sometimes make you feel gloomy and depressed, when it is paired with natural wood color, the warmth and comfort brought by the wood color creates the perfect balance. Wooden flooring is the most common, but of course, depending on your own preferences, you can also choose a wooden backsplash, wooden bar stools, or a wooden island – any element you like can be set in a wood finish. So, next, check out our various ideas about natural wood.

The warm and rustic black matte country kitchen

In this large rustic country kitchen, the matte black raised panel cabinets are a handleless design that contrasts with the lighter shade of the ceramic backsplash. The dark walnut table tones perfectly harmonize the entire kitchen, and the soft, warm touch of the gray solid wood flooring makes you feel comfortable and warm in this dark kitchen as well. The chandelier design is unique, and the light spills evenly over the table. The exposed beams also bring a natural atmosphere to the whole kitchen.

Modern black kitchen with geometric elements terracotta backsplash

Does this modern style I-shaped terracotta backsplash with geometric elements appeal to you? Yes, it’s unusual and stylish. The solid wood walls and floors with the original brick island and concrete countertop have an all-natural vibe. The flat black matte cabinets are sleek and clean without the addition of other elements. The minimalist strip pendant light hangs from an exposed beam, one hardly notices its presence, but it gives the kitchen indispensable light.

A matte black kitchen that combines practicality and beauty

The whole kitchen is completely covered with cabinet hardware and appliances in matte black, which is very classy and cool. The cypress logs with natural texture wrap around the dark cabinets, which adds a visual interest. The flooring is in the same wood color, creating a unified feel. The cabinet design is minimalist, and the plain flat tops are paired with a double pull-out eating pantry and built-in appliances, they are simple and functional, a multi-functional marvel that creates this modern minimalist kitchen. A wine cellar is installed in the middle level of the kitchen island with a wide hallway where you can have fun gathering time with your guests.

Large open plan black matte kitchen with concrete floor

What a charming large open black matte kitchen! The kitchen has a cool color palette with flat black matte cabinets with no other extra design, very simple. There are no pendant lights in this kitchen, as there is plenty of natural light. The concrete floor is gray in color and the tones are very harmonious with each other. The original wooden floating shelves complement the kitchen table. The backsplash and countertop, and the dining table and chairs are also matte black, giving the kitchen a noble and elegant atmosphere.

Matte Black Kitchen Without Upper Cabinets

A clean white kitchen will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean other colors can’t be used in the kitchen. Black looks visually elegant and noble. And its color is timeless and doesn’t fade as easily. It can be matched with either warm wood or off-white walls.

However, black can easily give a depressing feeling, but when a kitchen is chosen without upper cabinets, it will reduce the overall depressing feeling and make the kitchen feel more airy and open. In addition, giving up the option of upper cabinets will give you more room for creativity, and you can use your imagination to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Eclectic black matte kitchen with open shelves

The black paint makes this kitchen eclectic. This kitchen is full of collisions between elements, matte black cabinets with metal finish cup pulls, and harmonious matching of stainless steel kitchenware. The beige tile backsplash has a very vintage and unique pattern. The other side of the kitchen is made of original bricks, which adds some industrial style to the kitchen with the cement finish on the lower level of the small kitchen island. The kitchen becomes more open and airy by abandoning the use of upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelves, and you can place your favorite greenery on top to add a natural touch to the kitchen. The built-in sink, tile flooring, and lantern-shaped lights all have a charming look.   

Minimalist contemporary two-tone classic kitchen will surprise you

A contemporary kitchen with a minimalist design is completely bathed in natural light. The kitchen is designed in a large area in two tones of black and white and pays great attention to the sense of balance between colors. Unnecessary decorations are reduced throughout the kitchen. The matte black cabinets, pure flat panels, rounded pendant lights, and waterfall natural wood island counter, soapstone countertops, laminate flooring are visually refreshing. The whole kitchen space has a strong sense of lines, making the whole kitchen look very open, while giving the space endless imagination, allowing you to have more possibilities for the design of your kitchen space.

A transitional style black matte kitchen with vintage tiles

This transition kitchen is the perfect combination of country and modern. The matte black shaker cabinets are a very classic design, but the full height subway tile backsplash and vintage floor tile design with brass wall sconces and pendant lights make for a perfect antique scene. The kitchen is free of overhead cabinets, making it more spacious and giving the kitchen owner more room for imagination. The quartzite countertops and beige island countertops are in perfect coordination, and the peninsula cabinets are surrounded by wood-colored trim for a minimalistic and trendy design.

Modern matte black kitchen with granite countertop

In this medium-sized modern open kitchen, the first glance will be attracted by the matte black kitchen island, the matte frosted feel of which makes this kitchen very noble. The countertop is made of granite and with the gradient square ceramic backsplash, it is both simple and stylish in one. The mid-tone wood flooring and high stools make you feel warm and comfortable while cooking in the kitchen. The simple round lights are a timeless design.  

How To Clean Granite Countertops?

Clean the surface regularly with a soft cloth, warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner and dry it when you are done. Neutral cleaners are the best choice and when you purchase, please read the instructions on the cleaning product to ensure that it is safe to use on granite surfaces.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets With Grey Appliances

Matte black is an elegant, noble and beautiful color that is very close in tone to gray, so it is a perfect match with silver. This pairing is often seen in modern minimalist kitchens, but of course, by matching it with other elements, such as vintage tile floors or concrete countertops or solid wood countertops, you can create a different style that will fully satisfy your fantasies.

Modern black matte open kitchen with marble countertop

The stylish I-shaped matte black open kitchen is very attractive, and the Waterfall island design with its noble marble countertop is luxurious. The built-in gray kitchen appliances and double bowl sink are not only beautiful but functional. Do you notice the colorful backsplash? The pattern is very appealing, enriching the kitchen with color and making it dynamic. The color is no longer out of balance with the light white oak solid wood flooring.

Color balanced matte black transitional kitchen

In this transitional style kitchen, the matte black shaker cabinets become very distinguished and luxurious with the accents of bar handles and mushroom knobs, and the silver gray stainless steel kitchen appliances are the same shade as the dining bar chairs and worktops, creating unity. The subway tile backsplash is very practical and serves as a refreshing and neat backdrop, and it adds warmth and comfort to this kitchen along with the solid wood open shelves and light colored solid wood flooring. The design of the peninsula is a plus, making the kitchen more open.

Contemporary black matte kitchen with cement tile backsplash

Did the medium-sized, stylish U-shaped contemporary kitchen catch your interest? To eliminate the depressing feeling brought by matte black cabinets, the cabinets are designed with a patchwork design that blends white and black perfectly. The white quartz countertop is also very elegant. The island occupies the center of the kitchen and is paired with an under-mount sink that is stylish and timeless. The spherical pendant lights and sunflower decorative trays add movement to the entire kitchen. The cement tile backsplash is also in the same shade and the colors are well balanced throughout the house.

Enclosed traditional kitchen with mid-tone wood flooring

The enclosed traditional kitchen is also a great choice, with a medium tone wood floor giving you a soft touch. Black cabinets shaker by are also a classic design and very minimalist. Despite the black cabinets, the kitchen is also very clean and bright thanks to the white marble countertops and ample lighting. The brown stone tile backsplash is very attractive to the eye as well. This design is very traditional and is paired with the silver gray stainless steel kitchen appliances to create a unified look.

Black Matching Ideas

1.Black + white: modern and timeless

Black and white, a combination that needs no explanation. You will often see these two together in a modern style kitchen, they are timeless colors and very minimalist.We also have a lot of ideas about white kitchens, you can check out our article.

50+ Modern White Kitchen Design Ideas & Tips

2.Black + sage green : Calm and casual

Sage green is a very popular color in recent years, and black is the best partner for it to match. The combination of dark and light colors will be very harmonious in terms of color. Black kitchen using sage green color, you can use brass accessories, white marble to match. If you want to know more about sage green matching, you can browse our sage green matching ideas article.

(2024) 47+ Sage green kitchen cabinets design ideas and tips

3. Black + Blue: Bold and attractive

Black and navy are both dark colors, and you might think they don’t make sense together like this. But the truth is, they are an elegant and unexpected pair, and they are very elegant and stylish together. Of course, you can also add some other warm tones to balance the kitchen, such as wood countertops or flooring, which will make the kitchen very warm and cozy. If you would like to see other ideas about blue, please check out our article.

Layered modern kitchen with wood color elements

This modern kitchen is very design-oriented. The kitchen has a layered design that is very attractive. It adds additional depth and detail to the kitchen. The gray color of the splashback is very premium and harmonizes well with the matte black. The kitchen uses wood elements in many places, such as the stool legs, the sides of the island and the solid wooden handles of the cabinets. All of these make the kitchen very warm and rustic. The concrete countertops, integrated sink, and paneled appliances all decorate this kitchen in a unique way.

Black country style kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel can create a country-style kitchen! The stainless steel countertop has an attractive shine that stands out in this kitchen, and the backsplash and hood are also made of metal for a very continuous and uniform look. The black color in this kitchen does not look depressing, but rather is illuminated by the warm LED light strip, which is very high class and adds a touch of warmth. The slate flooring adds an authentic feel and is very stylish.

Modern U-shaped black matte kitchen with travertine flooring

The travertine flooring has a timeless appeal in this large U-shaped open kitchen. Lantern-style pendant lights adorn this kitchen in a special way and bring light. Built-in appliances and black shaker cabinets create a unified, continuous look. The colorful mosaic backsplash adds interest and makes the kitchen look less monotonous. White sliding windows blend into this kitchen in a stylish way, taking the chill out of black and bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

Black matte ebony cabinets with soapstone countertops

A modern and stylish kitchen can also be warm and inviting. The matte black ebony cabinets stand out in the kitchen, but he is not boring and frustrating. The organic color-green handmade tile backsplash softens the black and gives the space a balance of color. Soapstone countertops, stainless steel cookware are practical and never go out of style. Making this black kitchen both functional and dramatic. The island pendant light provides plenty of light and the light wood floors combine to complete the kitchen.

Dark Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets With Subway Tile Backsplash

A matte black cabinet may be considered very monotonous, but when it is paired with a subway tile backsplash, everything becomes so balanced and perfect, both in color and design. The gorgeous subway tile backsplash is stylish and classic. It’s there to make a difference in your kitchen. There’s a reason it’s so popular, it can fit into almost any style of kitchen and it’s timeless, and with regards to subway tile, a simple white subway tile backsplash laid horizontally or vertically is perfect in a black kitchen where there can be a wonderful contrast between the colors.

28+ grey subway tile kitchen backsplash design ideas & tips

23+ Black Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Modern industrial style black kitchen with butcher block wood countertop

The rustic modern industrial kitchen features a white subway tile backsplash, they are well organized to generate a strong contrast with the matte black shaker cabinets, which is a smart idea when it comes to enhancing the brightness of the kitchen. The butcher block natural wood countertop is also very attractive, and the use of mushroom handles adds small details that increase the sophistication of the kitchen. The recessed lighting fixtures don’t take up any space and fit the concept of simplicity in a modern kitchen. The stainless steel kitchen appliances modernize the cabinet design, conform to fashion trends and are timeless.

Green backsplash brings life to a black kitchen

The large U-shaped transitional kitchen is very attractive. The matte black flat panel cabinets feature chrome handles for a very sophisticated look. The island has a rounded shape on one side, which nicely breaks up the mostly vertical lines in the kitchen and gives it more variety. It is also very practical. The green tile backsplash is arranged horizontally and flat, bringing life and vitality to the kitchen. The glass upper cabinets and stainless steel appliances are very simple in design, which prevents a crowded look while illuminating the kitchen and making it more open.

Unique black industrial kitchen with red stone tile backsplash

When you walk into this kitchen, the first thing you will be drawn to is the red stone tile backsplash, a design rarely seen in kitchens, but one that is very harmonious in this U-shaped industrial style kitchen. The open wood shelves and lighting accents make it look very stylish. The light reflected from the stainless steel appliance surface illuminates the entire kitchen, and the farmhouse sink and white countertop make the kitchen even cleaner and tidier. Wooden flooring in this industrial style kitchen will not look out of place, but give you a feeling of home, which is wonderful.

Farmhouse style matte black kitchen with white sliding windows

In this L-shaped farmhouse style matte black kitchen, the beige subway tile backsplash is laid through to the ceiling, emphasizing the height of the kitchen and making it look more spacious, with a white sliding window to give your kitchen a warm home-like atmosphere. The cantilevered island features a solid wood countertop that is very warm to the touch and paired with greenery for a more nature-fresh atmosphere. The farmhouse style sink complements the mid-tone wood flooring. The built-in panel cabinets are as stylish as they can be.

Is Black Matte Kitchen Right For Your Home?

There are many advantages to a matte black kitchen. For example, matte finishes are less sensitive to stains, and their light-absorbing effect can make a kitchen look very elegant and classy. However, is a matte black kitchen really right for your kitchen? The first thing to note is that darker shades of black can make a kitchen look smaller, so make sure you have a medium to large kitchen so that it doesn’t look overcrowded. Secondly, some people may feel that a matte black kitchen looks particularly boring as well as perhaps depressing. Well, creating contrast is a great way to do this, and you can use shaker cabinets to add extra depth and interest, in addition to mixing two different matte colors to create contrast is also a great option. Or you can use bold colors such as red and dark blue to create an eye-catching look.

Classic design matte black kitchen with solid surface countertop

The kitchen has the most classic design as well as color scheme! The flat black matte cabinets are paired with the built-in kitchen appliances and it is conveniently installed at an ergonomic height. They form a unified and continuous look. The shorter kitchen island can also be used as a dining table, which is very convenient. The solid surface of the countertop and the tile flooring are in perfect harmony with each other. The transparent light attracts my attention because of its appearance, which has no presence in the kitchen, but the light shines and illuminates the whole space.

Modern industrial kitchen with concrete countertop

Concrete countertops are also particularly stylish for use in kitchens, especially in this modern industrial kitchen where the concrete countertops and backsplash are simple and plain, with no other superfluous touches. The light wood flooring contrasts with the black cabinetry, and the transition between colors is well balanced through the gray. Thanks to the natural light and white flat panel cabinets, the entire kitchen is clean and tidy, making it pleasing to the eye.

An elegant combination of a small matte black kitchen and living room

Even a small kitchen can be designed with elegance. This kitchen has a smooth transition between the living room and the dining room. The cabinets are well organized, with a black cabinet design without handles and the same color countertop, which is very simple in appearance. The flooring is also in the same cool color, which is very harmonious. The double bowl sink is very practical in this small kitchen, and the backsplash is in a contrasting color that accentuates the nobility of the black cabinets.

Black modern kitchen with hexagonal tile backsplash

Matte black finish cabinets with a hexagonal pattern tile backsplash complete the kitchen. The quartzite countertops, light oak flooring, stainless steel cookware and island play their important roles in a stylish and very functional way. It makes for a great cooking experience as well. The natural light of the modern house gives this kitchen a natural, fresh feel. The pendant lighting is minimalist in design, emphasizing the ceiling height and making the kitchen more expansive.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets With Two Islands

The double island design is the ultimate in luxury, especially when paired with matte black cabinets. The double island design doesn’t require a lot of space and you can still use this design in smaller kitchens, you just have to scale down the island. Of course, medium to large kitchens are the best. The double island design is very practical, it is the use of space for the correct partitioning of the kitchen, making it easier for you to work in the kitchen. Besides, the double island design is aesthetically symmetrical, looks very neat and beautiful, and they play an important role in adding extra storage space. The following article is about the idea of double island design in black matte kitchen.

Luxurious black matte black kitchen with double island granite countertop

What a luxurious large L-shaped modern kitchen! The double island design with granite countertops is the ultimate in luxury and elegance. The kitchen is very light-focused, with many windows and four pendant lights making this kitchen clean and bright. The black shaker cabinets, dark wood flooring and gray porcelain backsplash complement each other with their minimalist design while remaining sophisticated. The stainless steel kitchen appliance surfaces add unity to the kitchen with their icy texture serving as a perfect transition between colors.

Two-tone brown and matte black kitchen with solid wood flooring

Those who like a simple but luxurious kitchen should not miss this kitchen. The black and brown wood cabinets are very harmonious with each other in tone. And the wood has a natural grain that is really distinctive. The double island design allows the kitchen to be very functional, and the symmetrical design is highly elegant and gives off a luxurious atmosphere. The design of the chandelier is quite unique, and the conical design is very artistic and beautiful, like a natural artwork. Thanks to the abundant natural light and the solid wood floor, the whole kitchen is extremely comfortable and warm.

Minimalist and trendy contemporary kitchen with onyx countertop

Simplicity yet elegance are the most prominent features of this contemporary kitchen. Two distinctive matte black freestanding kitchen islands contrast with the cream colored walls and vent hoods, making the kitchen rich in color and design. The brown leather high stools are also very noticeable and are very warm and comfortable to sit on. The limestone flooring, double bowl sink and beige backsplash are stylish yet minimalist. The most noteworthy part is the onyx countertop that makes the whole kitchen very luxurious.

Large minimalist black farmhouse kitchen with linear pendant lighting

In this farmhouse kitchen, solid wood chairs and flooring provide you with a comfortable kitchen experience. The matte black shaker cabinets with simple linear pendant lights brings out a unique feel to this kitchen, which is a perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. The double island is symmetrically distributed, and the luxury it brings to the entire kitchen takes it to the next level. The undermount sink, golden gooseneck faucet and marble countertop reflect each other and look very stylish under the natural light. The white ceramic backsplash provides a clean and bright backdrop to the kitchen, and everything is perfect.

Compacted Small Matte Black Kitchen

The kitchen is as important to people as the living area. The black matte color is a dark color that may make you feel depressed or frustrated, so in general, black matte color is usually used for large kitchens. But is it necessary not to use black matte color in very small spaces? The answer is no. It is because of the space constraints that to make the kitchen the kitchen of our dreams, it means we are more creative with our kitchen. We can choose no more than two colors to make this kitchen as open and airy as possible, such as black cabinets on the lower level and a white backsplash on the upper level, which is often described as a “tuxedo kitchen” that does not lose its elegance but is also very simple. There are many other ideas to make a small kitchen creative, with lighting, backsplashes, and countertops, which are perfect. Scroll down to see our ideas for a small black matte kitchen!

A small kitchen that matte black lovers can’t miss

A world of black! In this ultra-modern kitchen, everything is black except for the light oak floors, including the kitchen appliances, countertops, backsplash, upper cabinets and extractor hoods – very elegant and classy, isn’t it? If you are a lover of black, this is definitely the place for you. The large solid wood flooring and black color balance the tones, which makes you not feel the kitchen is too small and depressing. The European style flat door cabinets with slim stainless steel handles provide you with convenience and cleanliness.

Enclosed black kitchenette with wooden floating shelves

The mid-tone wood flooring creates a charming look in this small, black, enclosed kitchen. The cabinets feature a minimalist design with flat panels without any extra decoration, giving a great look and feel. Wooden floating shelves add light and color to the entire kitchen, while greenery adds to the natural and fresh atmosphere. The white backsplash brightens up the entire space, and the disease has a very clean appeal. The copper-colored minimalist pendant light has a dramatic design.

Well-organized antique black kitchenette

This small antique kitchen is decorated in a very unique way. The matte black raised cabinets add layers to the entire kitchen, while the entire kitchen comes alive thanks to the colorful tile backsplash. The most striking feature is the hood, with a natural stone pattern paired with a distinctive backsplash, a vintage and primitive atmosphere pervades this kitchen. Even though the kitchen island is in this small kitchen, the elements are arranged very neatly with each other, which makes this kitchen well organized.

Scandinavian style small black kitchen with ash wood veneer wall cabinets

Compact black kitchenettes in Scandinavian style are not very common, black is often considered mysterious and noble. In this kitchen, however, thanks to the ash wood veneer upper irregular wall cabinets and light wood flooring, this kitchen looks very clean and bright. The flat cabinets are decorated with more small details to reduce its monotony, which is a great idea. The whole kitchen pays special attention to light and natural textures to create a calm atmosphere.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ash Wood Veneer

Advantages: strong corrosion resistance, natural and beautiful texture, high hardness, high load-bearing capacity, smooth surface.

Disadvantages: high production process, careful maintenance.

How Can I Make A Black Matte Kitchen Bright And Open?

Use contrasting colors to balance the colors

The smartest idea in kitchen design is to combine two contrasting colors. In a matte black kitchen, we can combine white to easily introduce a different effect and make sure the whole kitchen becomes bright without looking depressing.

Use glass

Clear glass can be used in many places, such as glass shelves or glass backsplashes, and of course, you can also choose different materials of glass, such as frosted surfaces, which will ensure your privacy. The permeability of glass will increase the visual space.

Open shelves

This is a good idea, open shelves can increase your space and at the same time will make the kitchen does not look crowded, depressing.

Good use of natural light

Adequate natural light has a great impact on the kitchen. Matte black cabinets look more noble and elegant in natural light, and secondly, natural light can also be very good at creating a comfortable and warm kitchen space.

Colors clash boldly in this matte black kitchen

Bold colors collide! The sparkle of colliding colors makes this kitchen very appealing. The gradient fish scale porcelain tile backsplash looks very sophisticated in the light. The cabinets are a clashing design of black and orange and accented with black hardware, which makes the kitchen very dynamic and vibrant. The white solid surface countertops and white minimalist pendant lights stand out in this kitchen. The kitchen island is equipped with chairs where you can enjoy a wonderful meal with your family. The appliances are not fully recessed into the cabinets but are slightly raised, which gives the whole kitchen a sense of space and layers.

Black matte beadboard open kitchen with grey slate backsplash

In this L-shaped open kitchen, everything is stylish. The gray slate backsplash has a unique pattern that is very special. A bar pendant light lights up the whole kitchen and stands out very much in the kitchen. The beadboard cabinets extend upward to give the whole kitchen a more stylish and spacious feel. The contrast between the white countertops and the black cabinets gives the entire kitchen a balanced aesthetic. The dark blue chairs serve as a great accent, adding a highlight to the kitchen and drawing the eye.

White oak brings warmth to this matte black kitchen

White oak ceilings are rare in kitchens, and in this modern kitchen, the white oak is paired with plenty of natural light, thus weakening the dull feeling of matte black. The design of the light is also quite unusual, with a cylindrical shape that emphasizes the height of the ceiling and makes the space more spacious. Thanks to the backsplash in the same color, the kitchen has a continuous and uniform look. The kitchen island is connected to the dining table, and the disparity in height brings a sense of layers that is very stylish.

Classic modern style cabinetry with mid-tone wood flooring

In this modern U-shaped kitchen, everything is classic – the classical colors of black and white, the flat panel cabinets and the double bowl sink – elements that will never go out of style. The crossover lights are striking, simple and extraordinary. The marble countertop and mid-tone wood flooring match perfectly. The stainless steel refrigerator, double bowl sink gives you convenience in the simplest way. The design of the peninsula makes it possible to enjoy food in the kitchen.

Pure black matte kitchen with LED strip light

Recessed LED light strips add a touch of warmth to this matte black kitchen. The island is surrounded by vertical slabs of stone that visually extend the space. The custom-built curved island cabinets and curved wood grain floating shelves give the kitchen a very dynamic feel. The flooring is unique, with a symmetrical green pattern that enriches the entire space without making it look too boring. The world of pure black is very mysterious, noble and elegant, if you like black, you must not miss this kitchen.

A very artistic black matte and wood veneer kitchen

A very artistic kitchen! The layout of this kitchen is very peculiar, with different materials and different heights of the island making the whole kitchen very spacious. The very conspicuous orange chairs and the black color contrast make the kitchen come alive. The single cabinet uses wood veneer to give you a warm touch. The other elements in the kitchen are very well sorted and colorful.

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