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2022 Four big trends in outdoor furniture

Big Trends In Outdoor Furniture

Such a relaxing day in the garden paradise around the corner seduces with its charms. Lying on the comfortable outdoor lounging chair – armed with an excellent beer or an interesting book, surrounded by the rippling blue of the pool: when was the last time you vacationed in your garden?

white outdoor lounging chairs

It’s high time because the garden holiday is busy collecting plus points in 2022. More and more people like to avoid expensive, nerve-wracking, and environmentally harmful journeys on their way to vacation. At least that’s what the outdoor furniture trends for 2022 indicate: the topics of environmental awareness, comfort, flexibility, and individualization set the direction. The common denominator: Upgrading the balcony, garden, and terrace as areas of lasting relaxation.

Environmental awareness: The way to a sustainable garden

You have read and heard it: Climate change is no longer getting out of the headlines. The good thing: Garden holidays and environmental awareness go together as a matter of course. After all, what saves more fuel than the 30-second walk to your garden?

However, this has been known for a long time. The weather is changed: It is getting warmer and warmer around the world – in summer as well as in winter, which has an impact on outdoor furniture design in 2022, because as pleasant as the heat may be for sun worshipers, it also has consequences, such as the increased environmental awareness. This trend manifests itself in many ways, and the subject of healthy eating is one of them. Planting more of your vegetables (e.g., in raised beds) is a consequence.

outdoor furniture from China

However, for many people, that is not enough. You want to contribute to solving current environmental problems, including the shrinking of biological diversity. An example of this is that the media keep reporting the decline in bee populations, which is why bee-friendly plants (e.g., lavender or rhododendron) are likely to have a market in 2022. The ecological benefits of garden landscapes are now a matter of course when designing, which is why sustainable production of outdoor furniture is also gaining importance. Therefore, pay particular attention to FSC-certified materials when buying outdoor furniture. Environmental awareness remains a big topic – but it’s not the only trend for 2022.

1. More comfort: Sunbrella and the dream of the “outdoor living room”

What does vacation mean to you? First and foremost, for many people, pure relaxation is usually neglected in stressful everyday life. We want peace, comfort, and maybe a little deserved feeling of luxury on our days off. You can find something like this in our outdoor catalog. The fabric “Sunbrella” stands for this stress-free coziness.

“Sunbrella” was already a hit in 2020, and there were many reasons for that. The most important thing: is comfort – we just like it comfortable. With a Sunbrella lounge, you save yourself the hassle of bringing in the patio furniture—and free up space in the house for other items. Sunbrella is a fully weatherproof material and can be left outside all year round – it doesn’t need any protection even in winter. It means No effort for you, and you don’t have to compromise on quality either. The Sunbrella fabric is particularly color-fast due to the fibers’ complete dyeing and anti-UV. Another advantage: the fabric is breathable and dries very quickly. But apart from the practical benefits, Sunbrella is comfortable – when cleaning and lounging on the couch.

 The fabric “Sunbrella” outdoor furniture

The dominance of the single white plastic chair in the garden is slowly ending, a trend toward comfort. Many people want to create an open-air living room in their garden: Comfort is the primary consideration. This also means that outdoor furniture is gaining increasing popularity. The development ensures even more comfortable sitting – a pleasant relief in everyday life, especially for older people. The comfortable “outdoor living room” will become even more popular in the years to come. After all, your garden is becoming more and more of a “green appendage on the house” to a genuinely inviting oasis of well-being. However, sufficient space is required to achieve this goal – or a bit of flexibility and a creative idea.

2. More space: This is how dining lounges and modular systems create new space

In addition to the trend towards more comfort in the garden, there is also an opposite development towards minimalism and the desire for more flexibility. For someone, it’s a matter of attitude; for others, it’s a space problem that needs to be solved creatively. But even with little space on the balcony, relaxing hours are possible: modular lounge systems or dining lounges are ideal.

The modular principle inspires more and more outdoor furniture. Depending on needs, individual elements can fill the available space on the balcony, terrace, or garden and be systematically supplemented. These customizable outdoor furniture collections are particularly useful for city apartments where available space is often at a premium.

modular lounge systems

Another solution to this common problem is a dining lounge. If you have little outdoor space but still want to dine and relax in comfort, you can choose this option. A dining lounge is doubly comfortable: Besides the seating comfort, such a lounge also avoids the trouble of changing seats. After the meal, you can remain seated at the table, chat, have a little wine, or start a nice round of games in good atmosphere.

Whichever solution you prefer: First, you should calculate the available space and consider it – about a third of the space should remain free so that the garden or terrace design does not appear too overloaded. There are various materials to choose from for both variants. In addition to poly rattan and Sunbrella, the range also includes elements made of wood or aluminum. The trend here is for linear designs, which can be practically combined with other style elements.

3. More individualization: How parasols influence the style of the garden

Our outdoor furniture will also remain gray in 2022. This trend cannot be stopped at the moment. Why? Gray is timeless and wonderful to combine with other colors. The “bright” colors provide necessary individual touch in the next gardening season, including various shades from yellow to orange. The motto for the coloring could therefore be “colorful on gray.” To stylishly integrate this combination into your garden design, we don’t have to look at the classic gray furniture with garden tables and chairs. Another way to bring some bolder color into the garden is with a parasol.

Wooden outdoor lounger with grey color
Wooden outdoor lounger with grey color

Especially in summer, the sun beats down mercilessly on our skin because of climate change, so it is highly advisable to retreat under a shade provider from time to time. The parasols have also evolved, which can replace entire awnings and be adjusted more individually to your needs or the sun’s position. Thanks to the pendulum parasol, the modern luxury parasols can be operated with minimal effort and guarantee more freedom of movement. Of course, a high sun protection standard is part of the overall package.

parasols designs

Anyone who prefers a permanently shaded corner that offers protection from other weather conditions can opt for a pavilion. Pavilions with textile roofs are particularly well-known here. However, the new pavilions with metal roofs are far more robust. They not only withstand snow but also hail. Such a pavilion protects outdoor furniture and people and spices up your garden further.

Parasols and pavilions are just two ways to cultivate and customize your home garden paradise—the fourth major trend in our society in the coming year – and garden design.

4. Why not try a do-it-yourself holiday in your garden paradise?

Do you already have an idea for an investment in your garden? Pay more attention to the environment? Increase comfort? Tackle the space problem or worry about the color design of the garden? There are enough reasons to upgrade your garden permanently in the coming year to spend as many happy hours as possible in your kingdom. Make a one-time investment in your garden and, in this way, secure a seductively home vacation for many years to come. 

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