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A delicious meal tastes even better when shared with friends or family, especially when served outdoors. In an idyllic environment in the countryside with the warm sunshine on your skin, both body and soul gain new energy. What do you need for this? Your garden (or terrace) offers the right setting for this, but a suitable dining table set should not be missing either.

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Practical dining table sets for every occasion and every requirement

A wide variety of models is waiting for you in our outdoor furniture catalog. From compact seating groups that you can enjoy for two to complete solutions for a party with an extended family or many guests, you will find the dining table set tailored to your needs. We ensure that only high-quality and suitable materials such as poly rattan, wood, or metal are used in production. Simply choose the dining table set that appeals to you the most! We guarantee that you will never want to leave your new outdoor spot, from breakfast in the morning to a chat over coffee and a barbecue…

Need help choosing your dining table set?

If you are undecided about which variant to choose because of the extensive range of dining table sets, we will give you one or two tips to help you. First of all, those who only have a small balcony or terrace do not have to say goodbye to their dream seating area because they can fully use the little space. Outdoor furniture manufacturers know these needs and have found the right solutions – for example, in the form of unique balcony sets. Finally, outdoor tables and chairs can be opened and closed easily and thus do not take up any space when not in use. On smaller terraces, there are also angular dining sets that save space.

People with their gardens usually have more space and need not worry about the right place for the dining table set. Various models (e.g., with a pull-out function) suit different numbers of people. The so-called dining lounges, for example, are a popular form. With this mixed form of lounging chair and outdoor dining set, you can bring the living room feeling to your terrace or garden. The right place or the space available is less critical here, but another aspect. A dining table set attracts attention for its size and design – so it can be described as the center of garden furnishings. Therefore, you should make sure that the dining table set matches the look of your other outdoor furniture to create a harmonious overall picture in which you and your guests feel completely comfortable.

Natural elegance thanks to wooden dining table sets

Classic material for the outdoor furniture of all kinds – from the outdoor bench to the dining table set – is wood, and for good reasons. The first is the effect: wood provides a natural look that makes people feel comfortable. Acacia and teak are the favored types of wood because they have proper hardness, resilience, and robustness and are ideal for outdoor use. At the same time, these types of wood are of high density, which means that rainwater has no chance to penetrate the material and wash it away. In addition, no fungi or parasites can spread in these woods because of the lack of moisture. Both acacia and teak are particularly easy to care for: they do not need to be varnished and can still be left outside all year round without damage. If necessary, you can use a care oil to preserve the natural color of the wood, but the outdoor furniture remains completely intact even without this treatment.

Poly rattan - The absolute classic for outdoor furniture

Speaking of outdoor furniture, there is no way to get around the manufactured plastic mesh poly rattan, a popular material for all types of outdoor furniture. Above all, poly rattan – which should not be confused with the natural raw material rattan – impresses with enormous weather resistance. Humidity, extreme heat, freezing temperatures? No problem with this mesh, and also perfect for dining table sets. Its visual effect is another significant advantage: depending on the color design, it brings a modern look, also known as lounge style. But a natural look that can hardly be distinguished from the rattan mentioned above is also possible. In our outdoor furniture catalog, you will find an extensive range of dining table sets made of poly rattan in various styles.

Exude straightforwardness and elegance with metal dining table sets

Due to its proven weather resistance, metal is also an excellent material for outdoor furniture and dining table sets. Aluminum, in particular, is a highly light metal that still offers a high degree of stability and robustness. Even moisture is not a problem because rust-free material retains its original look over many years. The aluminum furniture can be transported from A to B without any issues, thanks to its low weight. The visual effect of aluminum dining table sets should not be forgotten either. The material often combines with glass, plastic, or wood, creating appealing contrasts that always have a modern and elegant touch. In addition, outdoor aluminum furniture is usually covered with high-quality and durable synthetic fiber fabric. This guarantees comfortable sitting and leaning back so that you and your guests can make yourself comfortable on the aluminum dining table sets.

Furthermore, stainless steel and steel dining table sets are also popular since these materials are hard-wearing and radiate a certain elegance with their gray tone. Simply choose the metal dining table set that best suits you and the rest of your outdoor furniture. You can get everything you need from us.

Dining table sets made of plastic impress with their lightness

In addition to wood, poly rattan, and metal, plastic is also a material used for garden, patio, and balcony furniture. It is largely resistant to weather conditions such as rain and moisture. In addition, the pieces of furniture made of plastic are very easy to clean and are therefore convincing as easy-care outdoor furnishing elements. A significant advantage over other materials is their handiness, which means they can easily be transported from one place to another due to their low weight and can therefore be used flexibly. This material is also convincing for design: practical plastic furniture has long been available in the classic color white and many other shades. A variety of looks are possible here. With color matching, the furniture can also be upgraded with upholstery.

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