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If you are lucky enough to have your own garden or have a place in the sun on the balcony or terrace, you are supposed to have the right outdoor furniture. You can sit relaxed on outdoor chairs, on a beach chair, or on the porch swing. But when it comes to the most relaxed option, there is no way around an outdoor lounging chair. You can simply put your feet up, combined with a parasol – sunbathe extensively. The holiday feeling is almost there if you add another exciting book or a cool drink, even in your home environment.

Outdoor lounging chairs are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs. From comfortable yet straightforward lounging chairs for just one person to stylish chaise lounging chairs and double lounging chairs that can accommodate several sun worshipers – the range is very diverse. There is also a wide range of material types, giving the lounging chair its unique character. They have in common that they make the outdoor lounging chair a weatherproof and durable piece of furniture. In our outdoor furniture catalog, an extensive selection of lounging chairs from direct Chinese manufacturer are waiting to be discovered by you to offer you an ultimate relaxing experience.

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An outdoor lounging chair is not always the same

Fortunately, the times when an outdoor lounging chair was just a frame covered with fabric are long gone. Today the range is so rich that you can always find the suitable one for your purpose and taste. The lounging chair can also be visually matched to the existing outdoor furniture; there are even differences between couches. The backrest is usually adjustable in all models so that you can assume a lying position. You can also lie on your stomach (or back) to enjoy the sun.

A classic is the popular folding bed, which can be stowed and transported in a space-saving manner thanks to its folding function so it is suitable as a companion on a camping holiday. Outdoor lounging chairs with rollers – so-called roller lounging chairs – embody another category. Two castors are attached to the head end so that these models can be easily transported from one place to another, which is an advantage if you have to change places quickly to follow the course of the sun.

The wellness lounging chair, representing another category, did not get its name without reason. Their distinctive feature is the lowered area for the hips, allowing the body to take an even more comfortable position and thus relax completely. You do not want to leave this lounging chair again: getting up is also particularly easy, as the frame gently rocks forward when you sit up and move into a comfortable position when you exert slight pressure on the backrest.

The sun lounging chairs, which are mostly made of hardwood, is anything but hard with the help of soft padding. In this category, it is common for the backrest to recede further than other types, allowing for ergonomic lying. You can also experience movable head and foot sections to align the sun lounging chair as you like.

Which lounging chair suits you?

First and foremost, your purchase decision should include which lounging chair is the most comfortable solution for you personally. After all, it would help if you relaxed on this piece of furniture – whether in the garden, on the balcony or terrace. At the same time, appearance also plays a role. On the one hand, the model should appeal to you visually. On the other hand, it should also create a harmonious overall picture combined with the rest of the outdoor furniture.

Furthermore, the planned place and the associated space also play an essential role. After all, a balcony or terrace usually doesn’t offer as much capacity as a garden. This is why folding lounging chairs make sense here, as they can be reduced in size with a flick of the wrist and then simply stowed away so that the space can be used for other purposes. With a large garden, where you don’t have to worry about whether you can accommodate all the necessary outdoor furniture, you can let your ideas run wild. Sun lounging chairs are available here, and unusual solutions include a sunny island or a double lounging chair. And of course, all other types of lounging chairs are also suitable here – whatever you like is allowed. Finally, flexibility should not be neglected if you want to change location more often. A light model, which is equipped with castors, proves to be exceptionally comfortable.

Many people do not want to sacrifice the comfort they enjoy in their garden when camping. Thus, a lounging chair is also necessary on a camping holiday. The classic, foldable outdoor lounging chair is the ideal solution here, as these models are light and can be accommodated in a space-saving manner.

Materials for outdoor lounging chairs and their care

There are materials used for lounging chairs. First and foremost, this is the industrially-manufactured plastic fiber poly rattan, which is weather-resistant and durable (and retains its original properties for a long time). In addition, the low weight, absolute skin compatibility, and minimal maintenance effort speak in favor of poly rattan. The advantages of plastic as a material for outdoor lounging chairs are very similar since it is easy to care for and weighs little. Outdoor lounging chairs, mainly made of aluminum, are just as light and require little effort in terms of maintenance. Another essential material is wood, more precisely teak, and acacia wood. These types of wood are considered to be particularly solid and have the ideal quality to spend the whole year outdoors without being damaged. In addition, the maintenance effort is minimal with wood – as with other materials. Covers are made of weather-resistant materials, but at the same time, soft and comfortable materials such as polyester or cotton do the rest when it comes to the comfort of outdoor lounging chairs.

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