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Plastic front doors – price and performance in harmony

Plastic Front Doors

A real gem for your entrance! Front doors made of plastic are convinced with the robust and energy-efficient multi-chamber profile, which is reinforced with a steel core. They defy external influences and ensure reliable security, combined with high-quality locking systems. For individual designs, you can choose between different door panels. Discover the design possibilities of our plastic front doors!

Plastic front doors: Guide, helpful information, and tips

Plastic front doors

Would you like excellent thermal insulation and reliable burglary protection, but at the same time save on the budget? Then plastic front doors are precisely the right choice for you. The high-quality profile consists of a multi-chamber system that increases energy efficiency and ensures good U values. The integrated steel reinforcement also enables high stability, allowing larger constructions. The purchase price is relatively cheap compared to wooden or aluminum doors. You can choose various accessories to facilitate your everyday life for more comfort, such as automatic locking. You can give your front door a personal touch with countless door panels in different designs and decorative colors. These can be embossed to imitate natural wood grain for a cozy feel.

Why buy plastic front doors? Advantages of the popular material plastic (PVC)

advantages and disadvantages of plastic front doors

Plastic front doors are among the best-selling front doors. The advantages are obvious: an excellent price-performance ratio, high energy efficiency, versatile design, and reliable burglary protection. Plastic front doors will serve you well for decades with the right equipment. Multiple locking systems and security fittings ensure tightness and protect the door against unauthorized access. The multi-chamber system provides good thermal insulation and is reinforced with steel reinforcement, which ensures the stability of the construction. The material’s surface is weather-resistant and dirt-repellent, making cleaning so easy. There is no need for costly maintenance, as with wooden doors. Thanks to decorative films, you can choose not only classic white but also various colors or imitate a natural wood structure – different design options are possible.

Advantages of plastic front doors

  • Good thermal insulation thanks to multi-chamber profiles
  • Stable and durable construction
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Weather resistance
  • Favorable purchase price

Disadvantages of plastic front doors

  • Artificial building material without natural
  • Damage is difficult to repair
  • Static electricity attracts dust particles easily

Advantages of plastic front doors at a glance:

Modern design

The profile shape of the front doors and wide range of design options will leave an unforgettable impression on everyone at first sight. The plastic front door can be given a personal touch with an extensive range of colors and decors.

High level of convenience in use

High-quality fittings and hinges ensure that the plastic doors remain durable and prevent distortion, even with heavy sashes.

Lasting resistance

The multi-chamber profiles are particularly robust and durable. Integrated steel reinforcements in the large chambers ensure excellent stability.

Increased security

The plastic front doors from Parlun are equipped with security fittings, optionally up to 5-point locking. They provide optimal protection against for you.

Top insulation

A warm threshold with a thermal separating sheet combined with a new sealing system noticeably reduces heat loss. In addition, the number of profile chambers can be increased.

How much do plastic front doors cost?

the cost of plastic front door

Plastic front doors are ideal for anyone who values an optimal price-performance ratio.The heat-insulating multi-chamber profile ensures good energy efficiency and is extremely stable thanks to the steel reinforcement. Combined with a high-quality locking system and security fittings, pressure and burglary protection are also guaranteed. The purchase price is significantly lower than wooden or aluminum doors, so plastic front doors are affordable even for a tight budget. Those who prefer a premium product but do not want to give up the advantages of plastic can make their front door even more secure with valuable accessories or increase the functionality with automatic access systems. Select your desired profile and equipment. The front door price is easily updated so that you can see exactly when you reach your budget or whether there is still room for improvement – for example, an integrated ventilation system. Just contact us to put together your plastic front door now!

Customized plastic doors

Contact us to design and order plastic front doors at Parlun.

Parlun – competent manufacturer of plastic front doors that you can trust

At Parlun, we offer plastic front doors at excellent value for money. We are the building materials company from China convinces with an innovation-driven and responsible business strategy. The claim is always on optimal customer satisfaction through high-quality products at a fair price-performance ratio. We have extensive expertise in the field of plastic profiles. The production processes run independently and automatically on colossal machinery. Thus, short manufacture times are achieved for front doors from China. In addition, integrated quality management ensures consistently high quality and a constantly renewed innovative spirit. As a system provider for plastic profiles, we have firmly established ourselves in the highly competitive window and door market. The most important components of the corporate philosophy include first-class expertise, consistent concepts, and the courage to present innovative ideas. The result is high-quality plastic doors in all price ranges. Just find the right products for your building project!

Styles for plastic front doors – from classic to modern

style of plastic front door

Front doors made of plastic are exceptionally versatile and can be designed in various styles. A rich selection of door panels is available, ranging from decorative strips and metal applications to glass inserts. The different front door designs are individually adaptable, so you can choose from different colors and shapes. Straight-line structures with little frills and intense colors such as anthracite or burgundy red are considered modern. Front doors with a paneled look or decorated glass inserts are more classic. To try out and get inspired, all design options can be found at Parlun.

Classic white plastic front doors

White plastic front doors are still considered a classic. They are compatible with many house designs and thus offer plenty of combinations for different furnishing styles. A cassette look or symmetrical shapes are usually chosen for a timeless design, contributing to the natural incidence of light through glass inserts. The door handles are simple and functional.

Modern plastic front doors

The modern plastic front door design is often characterized by its asymmetry and geometric shapes, which are integrated into the bold tones of the door panel. Stainless steel applications, glass inserts, and pilaster strips are used here. The door handles are spacious and form a real eye-catcher in the overall picture. The surface is usually smooth and plain-colored.

Country style plastic front doors

The traditional country house style is mainly reflected in playful decorative strips and glass inserts. Country style plastic front doors are usually equipped with ornaments elements to provide privacy. The light tint ensures a warm light and keep comfort inside the room. According to the earlier country houses, the colors white, moss green, or natural wood grain patterns are trendy.

What shapes, types, and variants of plastic front doors?

A front door variant or front door type refers to the respective design.First of all, this means: is the front door single-leaf or double-leaf? Double-leaf doors are particularly suitable for wide house entrances and allow more space for passage, for example, when delivering furniture. They are often provided with a side leaf, which can be opened in addition to the actual door leaf. Front doors with a skylight or a fixed side panel fit well for old buildings with high ceilings or shops with wide wall openings. The door leaf can remain in “standard dimensions” and the remaining space is filled up.

Outward-opening doors are prevalent in houses near the coast. There are often harsh weather conditions that affect the material. Due to the special mechanism, the wind pushes the door leaf into the frame so that the tightness of the door is guaranteed and the material is protected. Ensure that the door hinges have a back hinge security device so that they do not serve as a point of attack for burglars.

The ideal fit – front door dimensions for every building situation

Your own home is something extraordinary. It serves as a place of retreat or a play paradise. The front door should be optimally integrated here. This is very easy with Parlun! You can tell us the dimensions of the front door, and we will help you design the ideal plastic front door with millimeter precision.

You will get a customized front door that exactly meets your expectations. How about, for example, a round arch as a skylight, or you can transform your entrance area into an imposing glass front with glazed side panels. There are almost no limits to the imagination here.

Contact us right away or get inspired by the most popular door sizes.

Typical front door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]














Popular front door dimensions and sizes

Popular front door dimensions and sizes

Front door 90×200 cm

Front door 100×200 cm

Front door 100×210 cm

Front door 110×210 cm

Plastic front door colors

Colors are the only way to put your plastic front door in the limelight. Thanks to the high-quality decorative films, you have many options. The most popular tones include classic white, anthracite, or brown. A particular advantage: the films can be embossed to look very similar to real wood grain. Natural designs can be created in Golden Oak, or you can use moss green for the perfect country house style. The result is a beautiful wooden look with the advantages and ease of maintaining a plastic front door.

Front door equipment – you have to pay attention to these details

With the equipment on your front door, you can set individual accessories to increase burglary protection, such as automatic locking or increase energy efficiency. Integrated ventilation systems and inserts made of insulating glass are suitable for this. Of course, long-term functionality is also important for a front door, even with a high frequency of use. Excellent door fittings and robust door hinges are a worthwhile investment here. All accessories and equipment options can be found at Parlun. Just contact us for more convenience.

Front Door Locking

Functional locking is essential for optimal front door burglary protection. There is a distinction between hooks, lock latches, or hook-bolt systems. This makes it more difficult to lever out the door leaf. The more points the door is secured, the higher the burglary protection. Multi-point locks are recommended here, such as 3-point and 5-point locks.

Front Door Hinges

Functional front door hinges are used to move front door leaves smoothly. They ensure ideal force transmission to allow easy operation. You have the choice between roller hinges and door hinges. These can be two- or three-link. It is essential to coordinate the weight and size of the front door leaf.

Front door filling

Panels with glass inserts or even full glazing are particularly popular for front doors, allowing natural daylight to enter the house and brighten up the hallway. However, to avoid unwanted views, it is advisable to use decorative glass. Special insulating glass panes are ideal for optimal thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is an essential part when buying a front door. This saves valuable heating energy and protects the environment. Plastic profiles consist of a multi-chamber system and are poor heat conductors, an ideal prerequisite for energy-efficient systems. An efficient sealing system can achieve a low U-value for the front door.

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