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Elegant Marble Look Tiles PTML-003



17.4×17.4, 35×70, 35×100, 45×45, 45×120, 60×60


White, cream, light grey, beige, Tortora


Matt, glossy, polished


Will sparkle, not necessarily all marble – right? But in Parlun, one can think that everything that sparkles is marble. Because Parlun designs tiles with great attention to detail, the polished surface of the tiles is always very attractive.

The collection comes in a variety of different marble looks. Among them, of course, is the most famous marble surface: Calacatta – with a pure white surface and a delicate silver texture. But other looks are also available: warm surfaces in sandy tones reminiscent of Corinthian beige marble or dark expressive grey tones based on the light variant of  Emperador Black marble.


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