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Parlun 2-seater Outdoor Sofa, Silvergrey, Stainless SteelFSC TeakPremium Fabric, 168x79x64 cm



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Parlun 2-seater Outdoor Sofa In Brushed Stainless Steel And FSC Certified Teak With Grey Backrest And Seat Cushion

Parlun’s modern sofas feature high-quality craftsmanship and high seating comfort.

Impressively, the frame of this 2-seater sofa is made of brushed stainless steel and FSC certified teak. Stainless steel has many advantages and is ideal for making outdoor furniture. It is extremely stable, weather-resistant, easy to care for and rust-free. While teak is one of the most popular wood, it is extremely weather resistant and durable. Also, it’s water resistant. There is FSC certification, which ensures that the source of this sofa is reliable, you can buy it with confidence. The grey seat and back cushions are made of olefin to keep you comfortable. Olefins are composed of strong and durable fibers. The fiber has low hygroscopicity and dries quickly after the rain, so you can sit back on the sofa in no time. Not only that, the material is also dirt- and wear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about minor stains.

The sofa measures about 168x76x64 cm, weighs 29 kg, and the seat height of about 29 cm is just right for you to relax. The seat width is about 138 cm, the seat depth is about 69 cm, and the backrest height is about 35 cm. The upholstery ships with extra packaging and the sofa is easy to assemble.

As your need, you can buy this beautiful 2-seater outdoor sofa from Parlun alone, or buy it with the other same series, both are the good choice.


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