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Parlun Black LED Table Lamp

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00.

Item No. PLTL-010
Brand Parlun
Material Metal, plastic
Color Black
Light Warm white (3,000 K) – daylight (6,200 K)
Bulb  1 x 6.3 W LED
Dimmable Yes
Note With touch dimmer


Parlun High-tech LED Table Lamp With Adjustable Light Color

Just by looking at the appearance of this table lamp, you can tell that it is very modern, and its main design element is the lines. The slender lamp holder can be rotated up and down, as can the light stand in the middle. This adjustability makes this table lamp extremely flexible to offer the right light for every occasion. Moreover, in the 3,000 to 6,200 Kelvin spectrum from “warm white” to “daylight”, its light color can be adjusted in 4 steps, and the brightness can also be adjusted using the integrated dimmer (button with “+/-” symbol). In addition to the regular switch, this LED table lamp is also equipped with a 60-minute timer (a button with a clock symbol) to let the lamp turn off automatically when the time comes.


Adjustable light color:

– “Research” – about 6,200 Kelvin (daylight)

– “Reading” – about 5,400 Kelvin (daylight)

– “Relax” – about 3,500 Kelvin (warm white)

– “Sleep” – about 3,000 Kelvin (warm white)


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