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Parlun Chrome LED Ceiling Light, 46 cm


Item No. FLCL-004
Brand Parlun
Material Plastic, metal
Color White, chrome
Light White (3,000 K)
Bulb LED total power 26 W
Height (cm) 5
Diameter (cm) 46


Perfect For Kitchens, Hallways And Living Rooms: Parlun LED Ceiling Light

This LED ceiling light can definitely be described as elegant, almost pure. The graceful geometric lines make it stand out among many ceiling lamps. At the same time, it is not only beautiful, but also very practical. It is worth noting that the light it emits is even and soft, giving people a very comfortable feeling. A chrome finish with a high-gloss effect makes this LED ceiling light even more elegant. It is a stylish ceiling light with a very modern style.


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