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Parlun Concave Fabric Floor Lamp

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00.

Item No. PLFL-010
Brand Parlun
Material Fabric, metal
Color White
Socket E14
Bulb 2 x 60 W
Height (cm) 123
Diameter (cm) 35


Classic White Fabric Floor Lamp From Parlun

Fabric floor lamps made from lianas have always been popular because they produce a very comfortable light, perfect for lighting your home at night. You can also turn off the other lights and just turn on this one floor lamp, which will create a nice atmosphere. This fabric floor lamp is concave, it is thick at both ends and a little thinner in the middle, which is a very beautiful shape. The power cord is 180cm long and comes with a foot-operated switch, which is very convenient.


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