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Parlun – Hexagonal LED Pendant Lighting


Item No. PLPL-002
Brand Parlun
Material Stainless steel, aluminum foil
Color Brushed stainless steel, translucent
Light Warm white (2,700 K)
Bulb 20 x 1.5 W LED
Dimmable Yes


Zoom – Parlun LED Pendant Lighting , Variable Scissor Structure

It scales up and down again. And it’s on and off. Are we talking about camera aperture? No! We’re talking about this pendant lamp, which has a camera-like zoom. It uses a variable scissor lattice structure that allows you to pull the pendant lamp apart or push it together as needed. The main structure of this lamp is very flexible and you can adjust it to different diameters – from fully stacked 20cm to extended to a maximum length of 130cm, to meet your various needs for the size of the pendant lamp. It should be noted that the minimum hanging of this pendant lamp is 90 cm in order to extend to the maximum diameter.

The design of the interlocking and scissor-like intersecting stainless steel struts makes the shape of this chandelier easy to change, which is very impressive. It’s suitable for almost any size room as you can resize it to offer you the suitable brightness. This pendant lamp has 20 high-performance LEDs built in that we can’t see from the outside. It is very convenient to adjust the light level of this pendant light with a leading edge or trailing edge dimmer.

It is held in place not by one but by 20 ropes that connect each tip of the scissor-like structure, firmly stabilizing the pendant lamp in a horizontal position. It is very modern, even if the room is not very flashy, but when you hang it, it immediately becomes the biggest highlight and makes people unable to take their eyes off.


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