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Parlun – Moroccan Style Decorative Tiles



7×28, 14.7×14.7


Water, cotto claro mate, cotto oscuro mate, lake, fog, stone, jungle


Glossy, matte


Parlun’s Agadir tiles take their name from the Moroccan port city of Agadir, which was the inspiration for the collection. This city on the southern coast of the Atlantic Ocean is known for its Berber craftsmanship and multi-faceted handmade tiles.

Parlun’s collection of Agadir tiles is impressive in seven different colors. Some of them have a glossy surface and some have a matte surface. In addition, the collection includes two shapes (rectangular and square) to meet different styles of designs.

The Agadir tile collection is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as floors and walls.


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