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Parlun Outdoor Aluminium Sofa Combination, With Sun Protection Olefin, FSC Acacia Wood, Grey Upholstery, 3-4 People


Suitable for 3-4 people


Absolutely weatherproof

Easy care



Aluminium and acacia wood – the perfect combination

Even in the country you can enjoy a comfortable sofa, and this outdoor sofa set from Parlun is enough – stylish and comfortable. Still hesitating? Let Parlun’s garden furniture inspire you.

How about this elegant outdoor sofa set – it’s the perfect combination of materials. Aluminum frame combined with acacia wood. You can sip on a cup of coffee or tea in the spacious sofa comfortably, wrapped in a fluffy and soft blanket, and continue reading your novel. Spend summer evenings cozily in your garden.

Rust is non-existent – the anthracite-coloured sofa frame is made of rust-free aluminium and powder-coated – even in the wind and rain. This stylish material is light, strong and sturdy. It’s easy-care, weatherproof, and can be used outdoors year-round. It’s no wonder that much of the outdoor garden furniture made today is made of aluminum.

Acacia in a teak look – modern and ingenious. All the teak-looking parts of this sofa set are made of acacia wood. Not only is this practical, it also retains the fine properties of acacia. Its exceptional hardness and strength are notable characteristics, and it is very easy to care for.

Both the seat cushion and the backrest are extremely comfortable, so that you will never want to get up once you sit down. The grey pillow case made of 100% olefin is very skin-friendly, and the PE foam filling the pillow will give you a comfortable and relaxing night. All sofa covers feature a hidden zipper for easy removal and cleaning. This way you never have to worry about accidentally spilling a drink or dropping ice cream on the sofa, because it is easy to clean.

Attentive service is our pursuit, we have sorted out the most important specifications for you below:

Long couch: approx. 210x95x48 cm

Short part: about 80x80x23 cm

What are you waiting for? Bring home this premium outdoor sofa set and give your garden a new look.


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