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Parlun Outdoor Armchair, AnthraciteGrey, Aluminium, 68X59X112 cm, Continuously Adjustable Backrest


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Parlun Outdoor Armchair In Aluminium Anthracite/Grey, 68X59X112 cm, Adjustable Backrest

This chair makes you feel more comfortable in your garden. The greatest feature of this modern Valencia series of chairs is the high level of comfort. The unique design subtly combines quality and style, practicality and comfort. The backrest of the chair is very comfortable and can be adjusted many times, making your every gathering and meal more worry-free and labor-saving.

Add a touch of luxury to your routine and spend the day in the elegant atmosphere of the courtyard: enjoy a delicious breakfast, a delightful brunch or a hearty dinner with friends and family. The chairs allow you and your guests to sit comfortably and you can chat as much as you like. The fabric of the backrest is the key to comfort. The total size of the chair is about 68x59x112 cm, the seat is about 46 cm wide for you to sit comfortably, plus the seat height of about 44.5 cm, you can sit on it and take a nap. With a height of about 64 cm, the armrest is practical, comfortable and beautiful. The matching seat cushion will give you an unparalleled seating experience.

The materials used are highly weather-resistant, easy to care for, and not afraid of wind and rain. The base of the armchair is powder-coated aluminium for stability and durability. The chair is lightweight (about 8kg) and you can place it anywhere you like. The aluminium frame is covered with a semicircular mesh made of polyethylene. This fiber dries exceptionally fast, is stain-resistant and has a natural, unpretentious look that is both elegant and modern, making the garden unique. The seat cushion is made of 100% polypropylene, which is comfortable and easy to care for. Its cover is also easy to clean if dirty, hand washing is recommended. With other furniture from Parlun, it can better reflect the style of this chair. Our rich selection allows you to easily create your own warm harbor.

Make your important dinner party comfortable – the Parlun outdoor chair makes it possible.


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