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Parlun Outdoor Armchair, Grey/Brown Mottled, Poly Rattan, 60X68X111 cm, Adjustable Backrest, Upholstered


Rust-proof aluminum frame

Cushions included

Adjustable backrest




Parlun Poly Rattan Woven Adjustable Outdoor Chair

Choose from Parlun’s Poly Rattan collection of garden furniture to give you more comfort when spending joyful time outdoors with family and friends.

This comfortable dining chair is so flexible that you can lie back and soak up the sun, or sit on it to read, enjoy lunch or dinner. All you need to do is sit down and adjust the back of the chair to the right height – lie down or sit upright as you like. The clever gas spring design makes adjustment super easy – the backrest is continuously adjusted via a small lever on the side. The armchair has a total size of about 60x68x111 cm, a depth of about 47 cm and a seat height of about 47.5 cm. The armrest is about 66 cm high, which is a comfortable height.

The base of the chair is made of aluminum, which is stable and relatively light, making it easy to move. Outside the aluminium frame is polyethylene rattan. The double-layer semicircular mesh is a mottled taupe that complements a variety of outdoor furniture perfectly. The thickness of the seat and cushion (100% polyester (220g/m³)is approx. 6 cm, in high comfort. Anthracite-coloured cushions complement the woven rattan.

This excellent armchair goes well with many other furniture from Parlun, and you can make your own garden furniture according to your needs. This way, you’ll enjoy your garden even more – certainly perfect for spending more happy time in the garden with family and friends.


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