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Parlun Outdoor Chair, Grey, Aluminium/Poly Rattan/Teak, 59X66X87 cm, With Cushion

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Cushion included


Parlun Outdoor Chair In Poly Rattan/Powder-coated Aluminium And Premium Teak, Including Cushions, Approx. 59X66X87 cm

This outdoor chair from Parlun is beautiful and sturdy.

The frame of the chair is made of teak, which adds a lot of charm. The rustic look paired with the elegant aluminum/poly rattan seat shell makes this chair a great match for many outdoor furniture. The size of the chair is about 59x66x87 cm, which is spacious and comfortable. The seat is about 52×49 cm and the seat height is about 52 cm.

The seat shell is a powder-coated aluminium frame and approximately 5mm round poly rattan mesh. This polyrattan mesh is mainly composed of wear-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) main material, which is UV-resistant, not easy to fade, waterproof and frost-resistant. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Seat and back cushions are also included, with high-quality, waterproof fabrics. The chairs are carefully selected and manufactured with superb craftsmanship, making them wear-resistant, strong and stable. Teak is exceptionally weather resistant and can withstand heat and frost as well as rain and moisture. The high proportion of wood oil used makes the chair less prone to mold and moth. This way, you won’t hard to take care of the chair, and your outdoor activities will be more relaxing and enjoyable. Natural teak also makes each chair unique. Over time, the chair will gradually change from a beautiful silver gray to a patina, which shows the natural characteristics of the chair.

Let this high-quality outdoor armchair from Parlun adorn your beautiful garden.


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