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Parlun Outdoor Grill Pavilion, Bronze, AluminiumPolycarbonate, 270x150cm, With Shelves



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Parlun Bronze Aluminium/Polycarbonate Outdoor Grill Pavilion, Approx. 150x270x252 cm, Including Shelves

The consistent high quality of Parlun outdoor furniture gives you peace of mind.

Measuring approximately 150×271 cm, this modern BBQ gazebo will be a versatile shade in your patio. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminium and the deep bronze tone allows it to blend well with the garden or patio. Aluminum is very stable, durable, and a popular material for making outdoor furniture. It is also a lightweight material with good corrosion and weather resistance. The powder coating also improves the compression resistance and impact resistance of aluminum, and it is not easy to be scratched, which makes it have good corrosion resistance. Four uprights about 75x75mm thick are very stable and the whole gazebo weighs about 39.2kg.

The top of the grill gazebo is a classic spire design that will not allow any water or snow. The roof consists of polycarbonate sheets about 7 mm thick, lightness is its main feature. In addition, PC has high heat resistance, is durable and easy to care for, making it suitable for roofing of barbecue pavilions. There is also a special attachment to the roof, the covered opening allows air to circulate inside and outside the pavilion, which not only allows the heat generated during the barbecue to pass through, but also reduces the risk of the pavilion being lifted by high winds.

The connecting elements of the barbecue pavilion are made of galvanized steel. Due to its good stability, toughness, etc., steel has been a popular material for outdoor furniture and is very suitable as a connecting element. Electroplating makes the steel resistant to corrosion and wear. We made some extensions on the design of the gazebo frame and added two shelves for baking trays and drinks, each measuring about 30×117 cm and having a height of about 88 cm, giving you more storage space.

Create yourself a flexible and convenient space in the garden with outdoor furniture from Parlun!


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