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Parlun Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo, Brown, Aluminium, 300x365cm, Incl. Side Curtains and Insect Screen


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Parlun Brown Aluminium Pergola With Hard Top, Approx. 300x365x260 cm, Including Side Curtains And Insect Protection

Parlun outdoor garden furniture is of consistently high quality, so you can buy with confidence.

Measuring approximately 300×365 cm, this modern hard-top gazebo will give your garden a spacious and cool shaded oasis. Designed for year-round outdoor use, its frame is made of powder-coated aluminium in a brown colour that blends well with the garden. Aluminum is very stable, durable, and very popular, and is often used to build outdoor furniture. It is also a lightweight material with good corrosion and weather resistance. Powder coating also improves the material’s compression resistance, impact resistance, and is not easy to scratch, making aluminum with good corrosion resistance. The total weight is about 80.7kg, and each supported columns are about 76x76mm thick.

In addition, the roof of the gazebo has some special functions. Compared to a traditional gazebo, its roof is made up of galvanized steel sheets about 0.4 mm thick. The high-quality material of the roof makes this hard top pavilion safe from bad weather, and also protects you from direct sunlight. The roofing material is weather resistant and, like the frame, has good stability and durability. In addition, the galvanized surface makes it resistant to corrosion and wear. In this way, the service life of the gazebo is greatly extended. The top of the pavilion is a typical hipped roof, and the two sides of the roof are inclined to make the rain and snow fall automatically. The maximum snow load is around 150 kg/m², showing the great stability of this outdoor gazebo.

The grey side parts of the gazebo are included. They are made of particularly compact and wear-resistant polyester (100%, approx. 200 g/m²) with a polyacrylic coating. The PA coating improves light resistance and makes the side curtains less prone to fading. With side curtains, you won’t be affected by wind blowing and direct sunlight. There is also a flexible insect net made of nylon to keep you safe from bugs. The net is a neutral white with a wide hem and is made from the grey fabric. The curtain and net on both sides have a velcro flap that secures them to the post.

Choose this outdoor gazebo from Parlun to create your own cool and relaxing paradise!


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