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Parlun Outdoor Premium Dining Table Set, Anthracite Matt, Aluminium/textile, Table 180/240x100cm, 6 adjustable chairs

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

Suitable for 6-8 people

Resistant to UV radiation

Chair: 7-way adjustable backrest

Easy to clean

Stable and resilient


Parlun Anthracite Matte Premium Outdoor Dining Table Set, Aluminium/Textile, Premium Extendable Dining Table 180/240x100cm with 6 Multi-Side Adjustable Chairs

In this dining table set, you can see high-quality materials and designs meet in a most modern way. The set includes an innovative premium retractable table measuring approximately 180/240x100x76 cm and 6 multi-angle adjustable armchairs in “matt anthracite” colour.

The table top of about 180 cm can be extended to about 240 cm as required, which is enough for 6-8 people. Therefore, you can entertain your guests with ease. This automatic extension can be operated by a single person, and the table can be extended about 80 cm in seconds. By pulling on one end of the table top, the two ends of the table top will be separated horizontally, and the expansion board under the table top will appear, and it will automatically adjust to the correct height. When you want the original desktop length, you only need to pull the previously extended end of the table to the middle and push it toward the middle. As you can see, this flexible adjustment device will greatly facilitate your daily needs.

The table has a special look because the approximately 5mm thick table top is made of aluminium/toughened safety glass with a matt anthracite aluminium frame. The approx. 5 mm thick safety glass table top stands out with its numerous advantages and special appearance. The ribbed design of the tabletop avoids reflections of light, creating a matte finish. And the screen print on the glass top and bottom make the tabletop look in grey.

Simple yet impressive, the multi-adjustable armchair is a perfect combination of matt anthracite powder-coated aluminium frame and black textile fabric. These comfortable armchairs also have many advantages: the backrest can be easily adjusted to 7 angles, which greatly increases the comfort of the seat. The powder-coated aluminium frame makes the armchair very light. When no one is sitting, the high-back chair can be easily and quickly folded away to save space.

This outdoor dining table set is made of materials that are extremely weather-resistant and easy-care, so you don’t have to worry about putting them outdoors in the wind and rain. The performance of safety glass has been greatly improved, and it is not afraid of strong impact and can also be well adapted to various temperatures. There’s no need to worry about putting freshly made hot food on the table. Even if the glass shatters accidentally, they don’t fall apart, but instead break into a large number of small, blunt-edged fragments, resulting in a greatly reduced risk of injury. The fabric of the seat is anti-UV, so it does not fade easily and looks like new. It also dries quickly if it gets wet accidentally. The table and chair feet are equipped with protective covers to avoid unsightly scratches and better protect the environment of the house.

Don’t hesitate to take home this high-quality outdoor dining table set from Parlun!


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