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Parlun Outdoor Stackable Dining Table set, Black / Natural, Aluminium / Glulam, 200 x 91 cm, Set of 9, Seats up to 8 people

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

Made of easy-care imitation wood


Powder coated frame

Fabric covering

With floor protector


Parlun 9-piece outdoor dining table in aluminium/black/natural composite wood for 8

Do you want something high-quality that saves you worry and effort in the garden? Take a further look at this outdoor dining table set from Parlun.

The set includes a rectangular table and 8 stylish stacking chairs to match it. The frame of the table and chair is made of powder-coated aluminium in classic black, elegant and functional. Since aluminum is very stable and durable, it is a common material for building garden furniture. It is also a lightweight material with good corrosion and weather resistance. The powder coating makes the material stronger and less prone to scratches, and it also greatly improves the corrosion resistance of aluminum. Therefore, even if this dining table combination is placed outdoors all year round, there is no need to worry at all!

The dimensions of the table are about 200×91 cm and the total height is about 74 cm. The lower edge of the chair is approximately 67 cm high and can easily be pushed under the table top. The tabletop itself consists of the innovative material Polywood. The wood-like material makes the table look natural, but don’t worry too much about being difficult to care for. Instead, it’s as easy to care for as regular plastic, and it’s extremely durable. The table weighs about 24.5kg and is very stable with a maximum load capacity of about 80kg. This means you can put a lot of or heavy items on the table.

The overall size of the matching stacking chair is about 67x53x87 cm, which is very light. The chair weighs about 2.6kg, but has a maximum load capacity of about 160kg. The armrests of the garden chair are made of glulam, and the overall look is very harmonious. It is also convenient to fold up when no one is sitting, saving space.

The seat and backrest are made of black textile material with high elasticity and comfort. Don’t worry if it’s cold or hot outside, these seats are very durable, and with their high light fastness, they will still look like new even after prolonged exposure to wind and rain. And Textilene is also waterproof and dries out quickly when wet. There is a plastic protection design on the table legs and chair legs, so you don’t have to worry about scratching the floor or damaging the courtyard environment.

With this outdoor dining table set from Parlun, it’s easier to enjoy quality time with your friends and family!


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