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Parlun Outdoor Three-seat Sofa, Black, Poly Rattan, 210X85X70cm, Upholstered


Rust-proof aluminum frame


Storage function


Easy care


Parlun Elements Collection Outdoor Sofa: 3-seater Black Sofa In Poly Rattan That Can Be Stored

Dimensions (L/W/H): Approx. 210X85X70 cm

The Parlun elements collection of adjustable outdoor furniture is versatile and practical to add character to your garden. Here, don’t miss this Parlun three-seat sofa made of black woven fibers.

With this unique outdoor sofa, you can place it in the garden or on the balcony – to create your own personal outdoor space. The 3-seater sofa is completely weatherproof and easy to maintain. Poly rattan fiber is extremely durable, it will not be affected by the extreme temperatures between -60°C and 70°C. The sofa comes with elegant and functional aluminium footrests and plastic knobs to protect the floor and contrast with the low profile poly rattan fibres. The upholstery of the sofa is so comfortable that you can lie on it for hours. It can carry a maximum weight of 450 kg. You can also put the cushions away under the sofa, with a zippered waterproof cushion pocket, which is very convenient and practical. This ingenious design makes this sofa set to decorate your garden and put away when not in use.

Create your own dream lounge with this stylish and functional outdoor sofa from Parlun!


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