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Parlun Silver/Black, Aluminium/FSC Acacia, Extendable Outdoor Dining Table Set, Reach 150/200 cm, with 6 Multi-Angle Adjustable Chairs

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

Up to 6 people

Table top material: FSC certified acacia wood

Desktop: retractable


Easy care


Parlun garden furniture set with a large retractable table and multi-angle adjustable armchairs for up to 6 people


It is characterized by an elegant design, sturdy and easy-care materials and high-quality workmanship.


This Parlun outdoor dining table set can accommodate up to 6 people with high comfort and excellent workmanship. High-quality aluminium, textiles and FSC-certified acacia wood in pleasing colours create an elegant atmosphere that can be highly matched with other furniture. The table top can be extended to about 200 cm – perfect for enjoying a nice BBQ with many friends, neighbors. The table top is about 90 cm wide and has enough space to store items. The table is about 74 cm high, which is a moderate height. It also features an ingenious wing-shaped structure that makes it easy to fold the table. The sides of the table top are fastened under the table with small pins. Pull one end of the table top to the left and the other end to the right, then turn the table below up. Finally, push the extension of the table top to the middle and re-pin with the pins under the table. In the same way, fold the table again and put it away. The extension under the table top has a circular cutout with a diameter of about 50mm. The table weighs about 28kg and features a new design that improves stability. The table top is about 20mm thick. The table feet are height-adjustable and can compensate for slight unevenness of the floor up to approx. 2 cm. The high-quality aluminum frame is in an elegant silver color, and the retractable table and chairs are powder-coated, ensuring greater durability and weather resistance.


The comfortable multi-angle armchair is made of durable black Textilene fabric (70% polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and 30% polyester). The size is about 64x58x110 cm and the weight is only about 4.7 kg, which can easily move the chair. The backrest with a height of about 70 cm can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation. Sitting comfort is significantly improved – whether sitting upright or relaxing in the sun. The armrests of the chair are made of FSC certified acacia wood. The fabric of the seat and back is PU-coated so it’s rain-resistant – it doesn’t matter if it gets wet. The PU coating improves light resistance, so the chair looks like new even if it has been used for a long time. The practical armchair has a carrying capacity of up to approx. 160 kg and is particularly sturdy, on which you can lie down and enjoy hours of sunbathing. Acacia wood for table top and armrests is FSC certified. FSC certification ensures that the materials are safe and you can rest assured. Acacia is very durable and has a very high hardness and strength – something oak can’t match.


Thanks to its many advantages, this dining table by Parlun is perfect for outdoor use. Acacia wood is oiled to protect it from dryness and weather. To improve durability and maintain beautiful wood grain color, we recommend that you regularly take care of your tabletop with appropriate care products. For example, special wood oils and hard waxes – in this way, this table set designed by Parlun will accompany with you longer.


With this timeless and elegant dining table from Parlun, your patio will add lots of fond memories.


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