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Parlun Stylish Arch Floor Lamp


Item No. PLFL-002
Brand Parlun
Material Acrylic, metal, marble
Color White, chrome, marble
Socket E27
Bulb 1 x 60W
Width (cm) 40
Height (cm) 215


Parluns Classic Arched Floor Lamp With Sturdy Acrylic Shade And Stable Marble Base

Curved floor lamps have long been popular and they are used in various scenes, especially in modern houses. Not only are they practical, but they also look elegant. If you see this curved floor lamp, you must think so too.

The function of the arched floor lamp is that the range illuminated by the light is not limited by where the lamp base is located. For example, if you have a living room with a very stylish set of sofas, but probably only have space around the corners, then this floor lamp is perfect for your needs. Its comforting light is the perfect companion when you’re relaxing on the sofa and reading a book.

Its base is made of sturdy marble, which ensures its extreme stability – which is very important. If the base is not stable enough, then the light source that is farther away from the lamp base will not be well maintained. The marble base ensures that the lights in the distance are always in a stable state, giving people a great sense of security. Its shade is made of sturdy white acrylic, which softens and evenly illuminates the light.


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