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Parlun’s Outdoor Lounge Sofa Set, smoky grayLeaden, Aluminium, For 5-6 Persons

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

Waterproof, breathable fabric

Powder-coated aluminum frame

Suitable for 5-6 people


Skin friendly


Outdoor Corner Lounge Sofa Set From Parlun, Smoky Gray/Leaden, Aluminium, 5-6 people

In spring and summer, want to turn the garden into your exclusive outdoor living room? Don’t miss out on this elegant outdoor sofa set. The luxurious sofa combination is the desire of all garden lovers.

Take inspiration from Parlun’s exclusive garden furniture and you’ll feel real for modern design in your garden. Make every outdoor activity a treat – premium, easy-care materials keep you from worrying about any bad weather.

This premium outdoor lounge sofa set by Parlun includes a long sofa with right armrest (approx. 247x105x64 cm), a short sofa for 2 people with left armrest (approx. 176x105x64 cm) and a side table/stool (approx. 105x105x40 cm), enough for 6 people. This square stool can be used as a lounge table, footrest or extra seating – there are many uses and can be used as needed. This sofa is made even more unique by the delicate color of the outer fabrics. Its frame is made of solid powder-coated aluminum, plus the refined foam which makes the seat stronger.

The surface material of this outdoor sofa set is selected from high-quality textiles. Its base material is solution-dyed acrylic. Among them, colored pigments are combined with the fibers during the manufacturing process, so the fabric can resist UV rays and reduce the influence of wind and weather on it. Because of its absolute weather resistance, you can leave this sofa outside year-round without worrying about accidentally spilling a drink or stepping on it, and cleaning is easy. It is also very different from the classic textile fabrics in terms of color fastness, and the color of the sofa remains as new after prolonged use. In addition, the fabric is breathable, stain- and mildew-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The interior of the sofa cushion is made of special foam – “quick-drying foam”. This material has an open-celled tissue structure, which is equivalent to the function of drainage. The infiltrated water dries quickly and odors dissipate quickly, which avoids mold. Depending on the level of wear and the influence of the surrounding environment, we recommend using a water hose or a soft brush to remove dirt from the furniture surfaces once a month. And these products for the care and cleaning of valuable furniture are readily available. The table is made of powder-coated aluminium, so it can also be used outdoors year-round.

Don’t miss this set of outdoor sofa combination from Parlun – enjoy the breeze in your own garden comfortably.


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