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PDC-004-Interior Door Set Oak CPL Door with Frame and Handle

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00.

Complete set of doors with frames and handles


Buying a door is more to your liking thanks to an inexpensive set of interior doors and frames and door handles made by Parlun manufacturers!

The multi-layer surface is a synthetic top layer impregnated with resin that ensures reliable stability. In addition to being resistant to light, heat, chemicals and abrasion, the easy-care top layer is one of the model’s convincing advantages.

The same decorative design is used for both the door and the door frame. The buttons with a satin stainless steel finish look even more attractive.

Come to Parlun to configure your interior door set and save money!

With retail-grade quality
Purchase doors at a discounted price, including frames and door handles.
Parlun decorated with a sturdy plastic top.


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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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