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PDF-009 Beechwood CPL Fire Door – Parlun

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00.

PDF-009-Beechwood CPL Fire Door – Parlun


The perfect fire door for your room: with a beechwood CPL fire door, you can make your home a safe place.

The door meets Chinese standards and can withstand flames for 30 minutes. It also features a sturdy particleboard interior. the CPL surface makes the fire door an extremely durable, easy-care, and hard-wearing model. The clean and smooth design of the door also allows you to easily integrate the door into your interior design.

In addition to the standard rounded edges, you can also choose an exclusive edge. This has a very small edge radius, so there are no annoying dirty edges or color deviations.

Not only does the door have two three-piece hinges, a cylinder lock, and a black plastic handle as part of the huge standard package, but there is also a scissor lock.

With this door, you have a reliable companion to rely on that can save lives!

Durable beech CPL surface

Made in China

Fire door in accordance with Chinese standards

When you order a fire frame, it comes with a building supervision certificate

Standard with 3-piece hinge, profile cylinder lock, black fireproof plastic handle, and shear fasteners.


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