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PDF-010 Pine White Cross Fire Door – Parlun

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00.

Pine White Crossfire doors with a solid HPL surface


Fire and heat protection: The Pine White Cross self-closing fire door has a hard-wearing HPL surface.

A special solid particle board is the basis of this door. It can resist fire for half an hour. They are particularly useful for separating building areas, stairwells and long corridors. Fire protection elements should normally meet the fire resistance class T30 (flame retardant). Easily configurable smoke protectors are optional.

Wooden trim gives it a natural appearance.

Certified complete fire protection. The fire door together with the fire frame provides protection in case of fire.

HPL-resistant surfaces

Standard-compliant fire protection elements

Top wood trim design

Flame retardant: half an hour


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