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PDH-010 Plain white with locking side inner door – Parlun


Sturdy solid white HPL room door with light opening on lock side


Durable interior doors: Parlun’s plain white room doors have an advanced HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) surface. It is extremely hard-wearing and versatile.

The parchment top layer ensures a lively design of this interior door. It looks optically like an antique and is insensitive, which makes it practical. As a plain room door, it has a subtle and elegant appearance.

The narrow glass section is located on the lock side of the door. The person coming toward you can see you at a glance. This is very useful in high-traffic areas such as offices. It is also positioned to better illuminate the house.

The angular design with attached glass beads creates a chic ambiance.

The surface can withstand external influences such as impact, heat, and moisture. It is also scratch and abrasion-resistant. This is ensured by pressed decorative paper, multiple layers of kraft paper and overlay protection. It is best used in rental properties and apartments, but can also be used in commercial premises. When inserting doors, you can choose between perforated particle board and solid particle board.

This classic top is sturdy. Thanks to the monochrome decoration, the inner door can easily fit into almost any room.

If you need to use glass, it is available at an additional charge. Standard doors do not have glass panels.

Abrasion-resistant HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) finish

Resistant to moisture, abrasion, and impact

Used in a variety of ways

Monochromatic trim provides an understated, elegant look

Rectangular glass cutout: view the entire height of the door


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