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PDS-003 Sliding door white RAL 9016 CPL – Parlun


Space-saving sliding door with white RAL 9016 laminated top


Convenient sliding doors that save more space: Parlun sliding doors with CPL surface in white RAL 9016 will save more space and create a comfortable space.

With its CPL surface, the door has a modern look. The noble white color gives the surface an elegant look.

In addition to the bottom recess, the accessories include a round housing grip. The CPL top layer for everyday use impresses with its scratch and impact resistance. The surface is easy to clean due to its resistance to solvents and stains.

This sliding door impresses with its elegance, comfort, and space-saving!

Parlun’s sliding door comes with the easy-care white RAL 9016 CPL coating

Professional trade quality manufacturing

Fitted with guide slots and round handle housing


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