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PDW-010 Inner door set high-quality white lacquer with frame and handle-Parlun


White lacquered doors with recesses and frames and door handle


At the best price: the white lacquered room door looks unique with the matching frame and door handle combined with the groove design.

The three recesses on the lock side accentuate the smooth door sash. 1.35 mm deep and 6 mm wide milling looks very modern. The narrow vertical arrangement looks slim and unobtrusive. the multi-layer paint structure in RAL 9010 guarantees high quality. The surface can also be painted in white RAL 9016 according to requirements.

The basic version of the model is also made of stable tubular chipboard. You can also choose from a large number of configuration options, such as special sizes or edge designs.

The matching frame has also been painted several times and provides a high-quality construction. There is a wide range of models to choose from. Complete kits come with L-shaped door handles.

Treat yourself to a white-painted design at the best price!

Professional trade quality at the best price

Door, frame, and handle in one

Surface painted white RAL 9010 or RAL 9016

Doors with milled grooves

Premium quality products


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