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PKC-0002- Pearl gray and Nordic oak Two-line kitchen cabinet-Parlun

This type of cabinetry is also becoming increasingly popular with city dwellers for its trendy country house style. This is exactly how a two-line kitchen in pearl gray and Nordic oak is presented. The cabinetry is compact and functional. It makes full use of space and adapts perfectly to city life. The combination of pearl grey borders and the natural sheen of Nordic oak elements creates a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. The white countertop blends harmoniously with the overall picture. The modern system of upper cabinets has a track with sliding doors. Extra wide pull-outs under the large stove provide clear and organized storage space for all possibilities. The open base unit has pull-out shelves with 3 pulls. The oven and microwave are built into the spacious closet at a back-friendly height.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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