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PKC-0007-Elegant Island kitchen cabinet in light summer oak and crystal white-Parlun


kitchen shape island kitchen cabinet
front color Light summer oak, crystal white
Front surface appearance Solid colors, wood look
front texture UV matt varnish
Handle Handle
countertop color Summer oak light reproduction, crystal white PerfectSense
countertop look Wood look, plain colors
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The island kitchen created in light summer oak and crystal white is very popular. Its harmonious color combination makes this kitchen look happy and cozy. Extremely high wall cabinets, base cabinets, wall cabinets with folding doors, and a small kitchen island ensure that there is plenty of storage space for food and kitchen equipment. The light summer oak countertop subtly transitions from the cooking island in the same color to the counter and then to the open ledge. The kitchenette is completely crystal white, including the countertop. It makes an elegant, fresh contrast with the natural sheen of the wall cabinets and kitchen island and rounds out the island kitchen in a beautiful way. A special highlight is the overhead cabinets with roll-up blinds and top cabinet integrated triple sockets.


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