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PKC-0009- Modern Two-line kitchen cabinet in crystal white and black-Parlun

This two-line kitchen in crystal white and black thrives on the charm of opposites, such as white and black, glossy and matte, classic and modern. In addition, it has great practicality and functionality. It brings all the important stuff together in a small space but still looks comfortable. The installed appliances with a certain height are as much a part of the kitchen as that refrigerator hidden behind the cabinet doors. Open shelving made of dark wood complements the design. The arrangement of the sink and cooking area on the kitchen unit makes preparation, cooking, and washing up more efficient. Extra wide pull-out baskets under the stove keep your pots, pans, and crockery ready to use. Like the niches and worktops, the wall units are black. When they open upwards, their baffle doors don’t interfere with work and the contents of the cabinets are easy to reach. Worktop lighting integrated into the bottom provides subtle light to the work area.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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