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PKC-0036-Functional open kitchen cabinet in black oak-Parlun

Modern island kitchens in black oak have a very classy dark finish. Their matte finish has an attractive texture. Despite their black color, they look homey. The open shelves in lighter shades of oak accent the kitchen and make it look less dull. It draws attention to the kitchen and gives the island kitchen a more relaxed look. The anthracite-colored marble countertop completes the design. The focal point of this chic kitchen is the kitchen island, which has an integrated cooking tray and an open shelf as an eye-catching accent. A prominent worktop doubles as a table. The island kitchen’s extra tall wall cabinets take advantage of the height of the entire room, thus creating storage space for your kitchen appliances and supplies. Since the oven is mounted at eye level, you can avoid unnecessary bending and protect your lower back.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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