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PKC-004-Modern Two-line kitchen cabinet in graphite and satin-Parlun

The simple, handleless front makes the graphite and satin two-line kitchen a real eye-catcher. The matte lacquer finish gives it an elegant appearance. The contrast between light and dark reflects the kitchen’s special aesthetic character. Above all, it ensures a clear division of space. The center shelves near the floor provide space for stylish decorations on all four of your walls that show off your taste. They also achieve a harmonious transition from the open kitchen to the living area. The sink, the cooking area, and the graphite countertop are installed in a dark area. Wall cabinets with integrated light sources ensure optimal lighting in the work area. The satin color block is designed to reach the ceiling height and it contains wall cabinets and a high-level oven. At the end of the side is a mini workstation that you can easily use as a small home office. The lighting unit which is integrated in the middle shelf places the decor in the right light and illuminates the table.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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