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PKC-005-Elegant crystal white U-shaped kitchen cabinet -Parlun

The modern U-shaped kitchen in crystal white impresses people with the brilliance of its high-gloss glass front. It is bright and fresh, which visually expands the room and looks clean.

High-quality countertops are also available in Crystal White. Isolated black elements connect to the counters of the kitchen island, which create an impressive contrast. The cooking area is positioned on the kitchen island. The spacious cabinets have many pull-out storage spaces, and they are also available in extra-wide versions, providing plenty of storage space for kitchen utensils and food.

Tip: Your decorative items look best when placed on top of a medium-height half-cabinet!

For convenience, ovens and microwaves can be mounted high up. Hanging cabinets are equipped with smooth-running sliding doors. Knife racks and frequently needed cooking utensils can be placed on the rails. The open shelving system with metal frame profiles is available in black or stainless steel. If needed, you can equip it with LED.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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